ZDMC 18.4 and Zidoo Z9S

Discussion in 'XBMC for Zidoo' started by Alain 24650, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. Alain 24650

    Alain 24650 New Member

    Hello, I can't put the external player (zidoo player) to play AVI files. You have to do "Open with" each time to open the AVI files. As I have a lot of films in AVI format, it is quite penalizing. Note that Kodi is not compatible with the hardware of the Zidoo. I reported this problem to Zidoo but I don't feel like I caught their attention. cordially
  2. ThomasP

    ThomasP Active Member

    If you need support you should not have bought a player of this company. Their support is as bad as the moderation of this forum.
  3. Martin Musko

    Martin Musko Member

    You could use mkvmerge to remux your avis to mkv. I have done this using the batch option of mkvmerge for more than 600 avi files
  4. Alain 24650

    Alain 24650 New Member

    Thank you very much for your help. In my case, I didn't need mkv merge. I just swapped the avi extension for mp4 and it works too. Note that these are old low resolution avi. I do not know what it gives with larger avi. But this is just a minor modification in the zdmc program and the Zidoo developers should take into account this bug because ZDMC is interesting for the management of the covers and to be able to benefit from the external Zidoo player. I also use mx player to read concerts, the sound being better than the Zidoo player surprisingly.
  5. molhopicante

    molhopicante New Member


    It's annoying for me because i like to see videoclip music files in party mode.

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