ZDMC 18.3 Available

Discussion in 'ZDMC for Zidoo' started by Christopher White, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. Christopher White

    Christopher White New Member

  2. Marcell P

    Marcell P New Member

    Yes, I tested with Zidoo X9S. Everything is okay, there are small differences. The whitelist is problem, because it shows only a screen resolution (1920x1080p/60Hz). Is cannot switch to proper screen refresh rate.
  3. Christopher White

    Christopher White New Member

    Amy tips for installing? I uninstall 17.6 and then install 18.3? or anything else i should do? Can i use zdmc backup from v 17.6 to restore my settings in 18.3?
  4. Marcell P

    Marcell P New Member

    I don't use backup and I deleted the old one, then installed a new 18.3. But I back to version 17.6. Because it's a stable version.
  5. ss nightmare

    ss nightmare New Member

    Tested it on x20 pro and all settings working great including passthrough, whitelist and supporting of the frame rate of 23.978 which helped a lot to remove the stuttering from most of streaming videos
    I have one problem getting gaia addon to work! Non of the stream work reaching (establishing stream connection) then error and stop
  6. AVenGER

    AVenGER New Member

    Any changes when it comes to "viewed movie/episode" what i mean is, does it mark viewed episodes automatically?

    Does the new version pass ALL filetypes to internal player or are there again restrictions to .avi or some formats?
  7. leonkoum

    leonkoum Active Member Beta test group

    "whitelist and supporting of the frame rate of 23.978 " are working properly? :eek:
  8. ss nightmare

    ss nightmare New Member

    Yup that what I have noticed
    Also it can play some file types which HT 2.0 can’t play e.g (10Bit Anime movies)
    By the way figured out the Gaia addon issue I faced earlier which been resolved by reducing the buffer cache value which was hight and consuming all the RAM
  9. Christopher White

    Christopher White New Member

    Basic Question....what is whitelist?
  10. x0r

    x0r New Member


    I am on ZDMC 18.3 and in the whitelist option I have only one possibility (1080p 60Hz).
    Anyone know how to do for have all the resolution and framerate possibility choices ?
    I am on ZIDOO X9s

    Thank you in advance and sorry for my english, I am French

  11. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    This is a beta version of Kodi, better not use it.
    (kodi only deactivate % of dimming in screensaver in their beta versions.)
    Zidoo engineers are blind.
  12. Efthyvoulos

    Efthyvoulos New Member

    Before I have tested zdmc 18 and it closes at once like kodi 18 on x9s.( Complete failure ).
    Now I see that Zidoo published zdmc 18.3 for the first time.
    I do not dare to unistall zdmc 17.6 which is working good and install zdmc 18.3
    just to test it because:
    1) I have to install back all settings and addons ( Too much work )
    2) It does not upgrade to zdmc 18.3 from 17.6 like Kodi.
    You have to unistall first 17.6 and then install 18.3 and then all settings and addons back.
    And if it does not work well you have to uninstall 18.3 again and install 17.6 with again all settings and addons back.
    Too much work may be for nothing.
  13. Franconian

    Franconian Active Member

    You could use the backup addon for ZDMC 17.6. The only thing you have to do when you want 17.6 back is is reinstalling ZDMC, install the backup addon and then restore your previously made backup from USB or network.

  14. ss nightmare

    ss nightmare New Member

    Trust me you will not regret the zdmc 18.3 and you will wish you did the update earlier
  15. Efthyvoulos

    Efthyvoulos New Member

    Since the ZDMC 18.3 is based on Kodi 18.3 which is not working on Zidoo machines how ZDMC 18.3 is working good and it does not stop
    as Kodi 18.3 does?
    Zidoo engineers did not tell us if they did something to repair the problem with Kodi 18.
    Kodi 18 DOES NOT work at all on Zidoo machines. It stops working as soon as it opens.
    Do you agree on that?
  16. darko10

    darko10 New Member

  17. Efthyvoulos

    Efthyvoulos New Member

    What do you mean by saying NO.
    Is Kodi 18.3 working on Zidoo Machines especially on X9S?
    Kodi 18 is stopping from playing as soon as it opens.
    This is a true fact.
  18. darko10

    darko10 New Member

    I have X20. And 18.3 works fine on it.
  19. Prometheus

    Prometheus Member

    I have a X10, firmware version 2.1.28, and ZDMC 18.3 works fine on it. No error message, or anything like ZDMC has stopped working, crash... I uninstalled ZDMC 17.6 first (backup your video/music library first), then installed ZDMC 18.3 afterward (then restore your video/music library). No problem on my X10. Now does it mean you won't have any problem on your machine? Yes, or No. I'm just telling you what I experience with MY X10.
  20. Teddyknuddel

    Teddyknuddel New Member

    I have the same ask

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