Z9X PRO can't play HEVC

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  1. Erling Hugosson

    Erling Hugosson New Member

    My Z9X Pro can't play HEVC files.
    It states in the spec it does...

    Tested with files from my GoPro 11.
    On my Nvidia Shield and computer the same files play without any problems.

    Shall I return the Zidoo Z9X Pro or is it going to be fixed?
  2. Markswift2003

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    It plays HEVC fine.


    What you presumably mean is it doesn't play your Go-Pro videos.
  3. futeko.com

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  4. Erling Hugosson

    Erling Hugosson New Member

    Sure here is some info.

    From Mediainfo: See gopro.txt


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  5. Erling Hugosson

    Erling Hugosson New Member

    Here is what HEVC is regarding GoPro: httpx://community.gopro.com/s/article/hevc?language=en_US
    Please replace the x with an s in the link above since this forum do not allow links.

    So my Zidoo Z9X Pro don not play HEVC files.
    I think HEVC support been standard in android since version 5, but not on the Z9X pro.

    Are you going to be able to fix it with the information provided?
  6. Erling Hugosson

    Erling Hugosson New Member

    I purchased the older Zidoo Z9X today just test the difference to the Z9X pro.
    The HEVC files from the GoPro played on the older Z9X, but upside down !
    The built in player don't read the meta data of the file and don't know the proper location of the video.

    I bought these mediaplayer as an upgrade from my Nvidia shield pro... What a disappointment that was.
    The nvidia Shield pro cost half the money, have bluetooth remote and is miles better.

    - Since the Z9X is not working then the hope for Z9X pro lost.

    Sorry Zidoo, nice try but i will keep my Nvidia Shield and return your products.
  7. Nathan W

    Nathan W Member

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  8. Erling Hugosson

    Erling Hugosson New Member

    Weird? I'am pretty sure there is at least a couple of GoPro Hero sold.
    The Shield from 2019 plays it just fine and all windows computer and most other android devices.
    Even the older model of zidoo X9Z plays the videos but upside down.
    That is because their player do not read the meta data of the video.

    Zidoo have some work to do. Hope they take can fix it, the hardware is very nice.
  9. Try using handbrake to reencode the file to HEVC level 4 or to AVC level 4.1.
  10. FrostByte

    FrostByte New Member

    Might need to submit a small sample for them to test a fix.
  11. Erling Hugosson

    Erling Hugosson New Member

    - Yes, but so far they got the info they asked for, Gopro.txt from MediaInfo.

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