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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9' started by Ong Michael, Nov 6, 2021.

  1. Ong Michael

    Ong Michael New Member

    Hi anyone & everyone

    Any one out here can play your 3D Blu-ray ISO files with your 3D TV ?

    I've got a LG 3D Led Tv but I just can't figure out which settings to get the ISO files to activate my 3D display engine on my LG 3D Tv.

    Any suggestion is appreciated.
  2. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    I have OLED65E6P and older Zidoo X9S. Works perfect every time all settings in auto. TV gets automatic 3D signal when video is in 3D frame packing (3D Blu-Ray ISO) format. I can manually force it to 2D from LG TV remote or Zidoo player menu.
  3. Ong Michael

    Ong Michael New Member

    Oh yes, 3DBuff ... thanks for your reply - that's exactly what I am looking out for when I tried to play my 3D Blu-ray ISO files with the Z9x. However, the Z9x did not manage to pop-up my LG 3D signal received message, and thus, I am unable to view the 3D ISO file in 3D format ( instead, a 2D format is in play ).

    I hope that the Zidoo developers are viewing this forum ( and thus, this message ) so that they knew the Z9..(x) model had this difference from the Z9..(s).

    Are there any Z9x users or has anyone had a suggestion on which settings need to be set ? I've tried all available different permutations and none ( so far ) can help me get the LG 3D Tv get the automatic 3D signal.

    All bits of help are appreciated.
  4. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    Z9X is also advertised as 3D player. Zidoo player has to see your TV as 3D capable. Bypass the receiver and run the cable directly to Tv. Can you force 3D in Zidoo and TV?

    I just watched Black Widow in 3D last weekend. Very nice :D Dune in 3D is coming soon!
  5. Ong Michael

    Ong Michael New Member

    It's funny, @3DBuff - now my 3D Blu-ray ISO files are displaying correctly on my LG 3D Led Tv; the LG Tv is receiving the automatic 3D signals from Z9x to display in 720dpi 3D.

    1. All connections are as per usual; HDMI directly connected between Z9x and the LG 3D Tv.
    2. No updating has been done.
    3. I, mainly, installed 2 APKs namely - Disney+ and Netflix and also watched a couple of titles there.
    4. Also, linked up the Z9x to the internet via Ethernet ( wired ) and not via WiFi.

    No 3 and 4 is the only additional things I've done.

    When I played the ISO 3D files, my LG Tv received the automatic 3D signals for 720dpi 3D. SO happy SO glad !!
  6. Ong Michael

    Ong Michael New Member

    Btw @3DBuff .

    Where did you get the 3D Black Widow and 3D Dune and the many others ?

    The 3D format is going obsolete in my country = Singapore --- :(o_O
  7. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    Why are you getting 720p 3D? What is your LG TV? You don't have 4K 3D TV? You should be getting Frame Packed 3D signal 108op x 2 for each of 24 frames per second from 3d Blu-Ray ISO or original disk. Final resolution on 4K TV is 1080p x 3840 per eye at 24fps using passive glasses polarized screen.

    Some info here: https://avgadgets.com/3d-formats-primer/
  8. Ong Michael

    Ong Michael New Member

    Yup, the current LG 3D Tv I have is just before 4K comes into Singapore. Thus, my - this current LG Tv is NOT 4K.

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