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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9' started by Ong Michael, Nov 29, 2021.

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    Hi Guys & Ladies,

    Just in case Zidoo developers are reading these - thank you for your efforts in making the Z9x products GREAT ! I'm so happy, somehow, the 3D effects are still working thru my LG 3D Tv.

    Not due to the Z9x, some of my media files produce a sound level so low I can't seem to hear; although all volumes had been set to the fullest = both in Z9x and my speakers ( speakers be it; on TV or standalone ).

    Thus, may I suggest if anyone had tried = since the O/s in Z9x seems to be Android; is there an app that can be activated to boost the audio signal and thus a louder volume via any speaker's output ? ( similarly in reference to Volume Booster as found in Google Chrome Extensions module. )

    Here's what I am thinking out loud. Should be the sound output be too loud, a user can always lower the volume even to level 0 ( mute ). However, when the sound is too low / too soft, a user adjusting the volume to maximum cannot go beyond the limit set by the equipment.

    Hope the Zidoo developers can develop an Audio Booster in the device O/s so I can enjoy a much louder volume output.

    Thanks in advance.

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