Z9s Firmware 2.3.3

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  1. leonkoum

    leonkoum Active Member Beta test group

    Model: ZIDOO_Z9S

    Version number: v2.3.3


    (From here, translation via Google Translate.)


    1. Optimize the problem of the USB 3.0 port even if the device is lost

    2. Fix the problem that DTS track music cannot be played

    3. Fixed the issue that HIFI music will not play automatically next time

    4. Optimize online playback

    5. Increase the global press "Information" key to display the current HDMI output information

    6. Optimized the problem of abnormal sound after DTS music playback is paused

    7. Fix the problem of abnormal sound of Bluetooth device when HDMI output is set to source code output

    File manager

    1. Fix the problem that the same share name is displayed in NFS

    2. Cancel the top navigation category and add the list rotation function

    3. Added CD disc insertion tips

    4. Optimize sorting function (save separately by path)

    5. Added the function of pressing "Popup" to return to the top of the list

    6. Fixed the problem that the played video does not prompt the watched icon

    Poster wall

    1. Optimize the display of the details interface and the movie video

    2. Optimize segmented video scanning

    3. Optimize scanning to solve the problem that stopping scanning during scanning may cause unmatched videos to not match properly when continuing scanning

    4. Solve the problem that the child lock set is not displayed synchronously after the movie rating is initially set

    5. Increase the HDR corner mark (scanned videos will not be displayed)

    6. Optimize file name recognition

    7. Optimize application stability

    8. Optimize bracket processing for title recognition

    9. Added trailer filter filtering, the word 'trailer' in the file name will no longer be scanned

    10. Optimize the NFS mount method

    Music player

    1. Optimize folder browsing function

    2. Add CD playback function (requires external optical drive)

    3. Optimize the sorting function

    4. Optimize the calculation method of scanning progress

    5. Optimize track identification for SACD and CUE albums

    6. Improved the interface of obtaining track list, and solved the problem that CUE / DSF track list cannot be obtained by the mobile phone

    7. Modify the time display format of CUE to keep the same with SACD

    8. Optimize focus control logic to solve the problem of focus flicker

    9. Modify the recording method of the playlist to solve the problem that the last song in the random play mode will be rerandom.

    10. Added screen saver function in play details interface

    11. Fixed an issue where the list interface displayed an error after the grid layout removed the list

    12. Fixed the problem of getting albums when playing music from file manager

    13. Fixed the problem that the lyrics could not be closed without playing the details interface

    Local player

    1. The problem that the optimized bit rate is displayed incorrectly

    2. Fix the problem that the movie name is displayed incorrectly

    3. Add ZOOM function

    4. Increase the video ratio

    5. Fixed the issue that Polish subtitles are displayed in Portuguese

    6. Optimized subtitle download function

    7. Optimize the front panel USB icon display

    8. Optimize the problem that DVD cannot select chapters

    9. Optimize ASS subtitle display

    Blu-ray navigation

    1. Added the function of subtitle track list displayed by shortcut keys

    2. Optimize subtitle download function

    Mobile APP (need to update mobile app v.1.5.3)

    1. Add audio offset setting in the setting interface

    2. Folder browsing function has been added to the music device interface

    3. Application interface adds sorting function

    4. Fixed the problem that the same device is repeatedly added to the music device interface

    5. Fixed the issue that the CUE / DSF track list cannot be obtained from the temporary list songs

    6. Optimize the problem that the application interface icon is not displayed

    7. Optimize poster wall interface display

    8. Solve the problem that the file management is affected by the search bar, and it will return to the upper directory when rescanning SMB or NFS

    9. File manager adds list refresh function

    10. File Manager adds CD-ROM drive list


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    Android TV Box:

    Zidoo #Z9S


    Version: 2.3.3

    Stage: #Beta

    Package: #OTA


    Gofile Mirror: https://gofile.io/?c=0y07dd

    How to upgrade: http://bit.ly/2RgPFA6

    MD5 Hash: 2E5BE84FB560E9AAC3B3AB64ACB8F62E

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  2. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Very bad server as downloads aborted a lot. Check if it is really complete and do that MD5 check next.
    After some 20 or more attempts it downloaded finally for me and next installed as it should.

    There are incompatibilities in setup it seems.
    - Got LPCM 2 channel Audio output with HDMI on RAW
    Changed to AUTO then it worked, back to RAW and that worked again as it should too
    - Settings for "Android Setup" remained totally EMPTY
    After a reboot these were back again to normal.
    - Setting for Auto-Frame Rate needed to be cycled too, to get it working.

    It is mandatory to re-install GappsInstaller-rtk-7.1_v1.2.4.apk

    That re-install may in fact not always go smooth. Needed manual power cycling it myself as it remained stuck. Somebody even reported bigger problems with it.

    Not doing so you will run into several problems including some instabilities:
    - Eject is not available anymore. Simply does not pop-up anymore going left. In fact it may come after a very long time.
    - MCH ISO-SACD still produces very distorted sound also for the 2CH track.
    - Etc......

    Despite I warned for this myself, I once again forgot to do so myself. :mad:
    Multiple problems reported here are actually caused by not re-installing it as required. This above all with the Music Player 5.0 APP.

    - USB3 problem may have been solved. Experiences reported on German forum are positive.

    Subtitles download
    - Hey I am really getting all the languages tagged
    Really love this: Dutch Subtitles on demand!

    Music Player (In urgent need to get some Setup choices after last updates)
    - Several improvements confirmed. With still a way to go but clearly moving. The sound quality is OK.
    - The integrated Folder browsing feature now is functional for me. No need to go to Media Center anymore.
    - Sound for DTS-CD's and other HD formats may disappear for unknown conditions. A boot will bring it back again.
    - An Audio CD inserted on an attached CD-ROM will be found and played according (=DAE). Did not try a CD with CD-Text yet. Nice, I might even be tempted to connect a CD-ROM drive to my player.
    Understood Zidoo wrong apparently as DAE (Digital Audio Extraction) works also on my Z9S using this FW. Probably real ripping (=converting to WAV/PCM) is included for X20 Pro and UHD2000 as an unique feature?

    Local Player

    - I am still getting the wrong file name displayed playing a folder with DVD's. Very confusing. Maybe other formats too?
    - The new Zoom Feature:
    Aspect Ratio ==> Zoom ==> 2.35 Cropping or 2.35 Stretching. This for those guys and dolls wanting to get rid of black bars. Curious detail in fact the 2 choices are swapped (Cropping setting does stretching and the Stretching setting does cropping)
    I personally would have them added directly as 2 extra choices under Aspect Ratio. ZOOM suggests amplifying a picture with the option to select the area (panning) being amplified. Nevertheless it is a nice feature working as advertised and appreciated by many. Personally don't like deforming the picture (stretching) or cutting parts (cropping) of the original image and take those black bars for granted.

    Mobile APP (need to update mobile app v.1.5.3)
    That update indeed needs to be done (did it manually)
    As more often the Zidoo release information is incorrect and still indicates an old version, but isn't.
    Zidoo Controller (Music Player) can now be used well to control Music Player 5.0 with the TV turned off and without the need of switching to other APP's.

    Bottomline it is a very good update and recommended for installation by me. The best FW thus far for sure.
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  3. leonkoum

    leonkoum Active Member Beta test group

    If the file now be ok?
  4. pcristi

    pcristi Active Member

  5. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    No mention of major issues like seamless branching problems. I suspect they have given up on that as they seem unable to fix.
  6. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    It is actually promised to be included into the next update! USB3 may have been solved (using SATA myself)?
  7. pcristi

    pcristi Active Member

    VFD display not working for me, "HELLO" change to "HELLU" inside of showing clock.
    A strange workaround is to edit build.prop ro.build.fingerprint to like is on v.2.2.96 then VFD display working again, too lazy to search what they rely change it.

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Is there a link to the Z10 id like to test
  9. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Strange mine just says Hello at boot and next the correct time. I think this was reported before and related to installing Google Play or not?
    Maybe a factory reset or clean install?

    Saw a couple of movies and did some listening to music. Overall a positive experience definitely an improved FW again. Did not come across a Kino Lorber movie to see if handling those ISO's is solved?
    The Volume Label length problem in Movie Center is still there for sure.
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  10. leonkoum

    leonkoum Active Member Beta test group

    Bad ot broken VFD?
  11. Cary Grant

    Cary Grant New Member

    Any idea/estimate of a time frame for this much awaited fix
  12. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Nope. Could be a matter of days, weeks, months? But my guess is not that long seen they started mentioning it specifically. ;)

    It's more than 2 years ago when I first started asking for it. So it does not really matter. :rolleyes:

    By the way we need Seamless Branching also for Music Player. We normally refer to it then as Gapless Playback but technically seen the same programming/buffering challenge: Jumping from file to file unnoticed! :D
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  13. Siju Thomas

    Siju Thomas New Member

    Hi, Google play apk has to be installed? What benefit does one derive from that?
  14. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Some things just appear to me to work better when installed. Don't ask me the why.

    My (increasing) experiences will be added to my first post above.
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  15. vman

    vman Member

    After updating to this firmware, I can no longer scroll to the top of my folders where it says "all". You use to could go there and be able to sort the folder by video, music or image files.

    Is anyone else having this issue.

    I checked my X9S and I am still able to do it there.
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  16. pcristi

    pcristi Active Member

    Media Center 3.5.4 confirm top section All/Video/Music/Picture/APK disappeared(removed?).
    Workaround replace zidoo_file.apk via adb shell with Media Center 3.4.8.
  17. ferry

    ferry New Member

    where can I find the function "Add ZOOM function" ?
  18. dmboza

    dmboza New Member

    It does not solve the problem of disconnecting external hard drives through the USB 3.0 port.
  19. vman

    vman Member

    I am getting an error message that the file is corrupt when I try to install it.
    Can you check the file and reup.

    Thanks for your help!
  20. pcristi

    pcristi Active Member

    Can't install old version as normal user application.
    Need be replace zidoo_file.apk via adb shell or if box is rooted can copy/paste with any root file explorer.

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