Z1000 Pro - Format new 10 TB hard drive

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    My friend owns the Z1000 Pro. He asked me to format the hard drive. I asked him to give me the manual for the Z1000 Pro, because I couldn't understand what manufacturer would not include a formatting option for it's device. My friend asked me to format it for EXT3. Ok. The manual says the Z1000 Pro supports EXT3, EXT4, NTFS, FAT32, EXFAT. The drive is 10 Terabytes. When I plug it into my computer docking station/duplicator, I use my "Linux for Window app", and it's already set for Linux, but it could be version EXT2. Ok. I use Diskpart, I can see the drive, partition, and volume. I use EaseUS, I see the drive, but it won't let me format it. I use Windows 10 Disk Manager, and I see the drive and partitions for that drive. It's cut up into:
    2 2.8 GB and 2.0 GB healthy primary partitions,
    127 MB unallocated,
    100 MB unallocated,
    and a 9300 GB healthy Primary Partition.

    I get that drives/OS require HDD space. And I know that drives always end up having a little bit of unallocated MBs. But I have never formatted an HDD for the Z1000 Pro.

    My question is, how do I format it. Ease Partition doesn't give me the option to format it. Windows Disk Manager doesn't give me the option. Although it does give me the option of converting it to Dynamic Disk. Or if I go to the 9300 GB partition, I get the delete volume option.

    I know I can just use Diskpart to wipe all of it, or specify a volume, and format it. Should I just format the whole drive or specific partition as NTFS.
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    I have a UHD3000 and all I did was put a 10TB WD Red 5400rpm drive in the Zidoo and formatted in it in File Manager. Is the Z1000 different?
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    I don't know. It's my friend's Z1000 Pro. I admit, I stopped reading the manual. I should have read the rest. But I stopped reading it when I read, HD must be formatted before using it. I gave my friend the drive and the manual. So I can't quote it. But even my friend thought the formatting was a separate process.

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