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Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z10' started by lbaien, Nov 1, 2020.

  1. lbaien

    lbaien New Member

    Hello !
    I just bought Z10 today. Then I discovered that a pro version existed
    (With Android 9, better GPU and CPU I guess ?)

    So my question is :
    Do you advice me to send back the Z10 to buy the Z10 pro ?
    Or Z10 would be sufficient ? (I just watch movies and series in 2K for now, and soon in 4K)

    Thank you
  2. Please, observe the very low versatility of the Android 7.1.1 system that has been proposed to us in the Ziddo Z10...

    The terrible mutilation that Android 7.1.1 has suffered in Zidoo Z10...

    Something that is already an irreversible part of the way they do things in Zidoo...

    The "customization layer" that they consider correct will continue and continue on all devices...

    Attention Ibaien:

    In "Z10 pro" you will have better GPU and better CPU, but you should make sure before taking the step that Android 9.0 will meet your expectations of versatility in the "Z10 pro". In other words: If you want to do more than watch movies, make sure that Android 9.0 according to Zidoo will allow it. Otherwise, you will be wasting both your money and your expectations for versatility.
  3. lbaien

    lbaien New Member

    Hello !
    Thanks for you answer !

    Finally , I had decided to send back the Z10 and I have bought the Z10 pro
    My main use is to watch movies. So far, I am very pleased

  4. Hola, Ibaien. / Hello, Ibaien.

    Espero que Zidoo Z10 Pro te esté proporcionando un buen servicio.

    Hope Zidoo Z10 Pro is providing you with good service.

    ¿Puedes hacerme un pequeño gran favor?

    ¿Can you do me a great little favor?

    No conozco la vista que presenta Android 9.0 según Zidoo.

    I do not know the view presented by Android 9.0 according to Zidoo.

    Por favor, ¿podrías ofrecerme dos capturas de pantalla del Sistema Android 9.0 que tu ves?:

    Please, ¿could you offer me two screenshots of the Android 9.0 System that you see?:

    1. Android Settings >>> Wireless & Network >>> More (More: normally, its symbol is three ellipsis.)

    2. Android Settings >>> Personal >>> Security (Security: normally, its symbol is a padlock.)

    Simplemente, me gustaría poder ver lo que muestran esas dos pantallas.

    I just wish I could see what those two screens show.

    Tanto tomar las capturas de pantalla como colocarlas aquí, son tareas relativamente sencillas.

    Both taking the screenshots and placing them here, are relatively simple tasks.

    Así que, en caso de que te resulte posible, por favor, échame una mano.

    So if you can, please give me a hand.

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