XBMC won't see .iso files on NAS - Nubie help please

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by iPete, Dec 30, 2019.

  1. iPete

    iPete New Member

    I have a Zidoo Z9s (2.2.96) with XBMC 18.4. I've linked the video source menu to my video on my qnap NAS via SMB://192.168.etc.etc/videofiles XBMC scans the library and picks up files that are anything but .iso. So I can see mkv/avi etc and can play them from the front page of xbmc where they are listed as recently added videos. All the iso's are missing and when you try to explore the directory structure all you find are empty folders. To test if I'm doing this correctly I have installed kodi to a PC and followed the exact same procedure and paths and can see all the iso files. Can anyone tell me whats happening here?
  2. iPete

    iPete New Member

    I meant ZDMC. It's very quiet in here?
  3. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    yes, it is. don't use kodi/zdmc/xbmc/anykodirelatedapp for .iso files. use the home theater 2.0 that also has the zidoo DVD menu in it. Kodi does not do that well with .iso. i also have some that don't work properly.
  4. Lony

    Lony Active Member

    ZDMC or KODI, both show under SMB ISO`s, which you can also play.

  5. iPete

    iPete New Member

    Well I have never had an issue with kodi playing .iso files on any other platform. I am using the home theatre but it's cataloguing is very very poor compared to the tidy front end that kodi provides. Thats why I wanted to use ZDMC because its just kodi in a thin disguise but it seems to have features stripped out. Maybe its based on a very old version of kodi?
  6. Tony77

    Tony77 Member

    Heres my experience...PLEASE COMMENT!:D:D

    Ive got 9,000 identified videos in HT2, from across 30 sources, yeah 30 SMB Nas DRIVES..These consist of a MIXTURE of films (domestic & foreign) & tv eps. mixed throughout:eek: . file types ranging from 20yr.old avi's(xvids) to DVDS(iso &video_ts) to Blu-ray muxes(mkv, m2ts, mp4)..
    Here's the best:rolleyes:....they r all mixed on EVERY source & only my DVDs have a consistent folder method, of folder name of DVD then inside either an ISO or video_ts folder.. Now ive also got at least 9,000 or more unidentified or incorrectly identified in addition.

    BUT..:oops: considering this vast range & size I must admit the newer HT has IMPRESSED me with it's identification improvements & it CRUSHES ZDMC or KODI in comparison (in my library)..while not perfect..the BIGGEST improvement they've added is ALLOWING SEARCH of all library INCLUDING THE UNIDENTIFIED.. this allows for at least a filename search!!!;) smart!

    I understand the suggested renaming programs, BUT...wouldnt it be possible to utilize ZIDOOS awesome NFO OPTION?? so essentially...if I ran a good MEDIA MANAGER on my pc that I could edit on pc that CREATED corresponding NFOs.. Then, theoretically, I should be able to run HT or KODI & just tell them to use NFOS before attempting to scrape!!o_O

    WOULD this not work?? The significant argument for using NFOs is that your library is then UNIVERSALLY compatible with almost EVERY device & software!!
    Anyone tried such a solution?? (I've been going thru HT doing REMATCHES, but on 20,000 files this just ISN'T realistic, & I don't like giving my shares WRITE ACCESS so my library efforts are only useful on my ZIDOO device!???

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