X9S--After 1 Week, HDMI No longer works/shows picture

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9' started by bobbo, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. bobbo

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    Very frustrating because I LOVE the quality of the hdmi recording. No pixilation, perfect audio synch both when playing through the unit or off loaded to my computer.....but now it will not display any picture at all in the monitoring screen. The recording function "seems" to still work, but all it records is the blank screen. The unit appears to work in all other respects. It will even give a default message if an hdcp source is fed to it and it "acts like" it is seeing a video feed in all other respects.

    As stated, the unit was working just fine with a total 71 recordings. About 2-3 times I would check the status and the recording had stopped and there was a black screen. To fix this, all I had to do was turn the unit off and back on. Some kind of bad signal/conflict I assumed. But this time: no joy. I cannot get the picture on hdmi to display. I disconnected and reconnected my cables and turned the unit off and on and unplugged it as well: No joy. I have now done a Factory Reset and still no changes. Kinda acts like the unit has a blown capacitor or other hardware failure?

    I'll be sending an email to tech support, but seeking an answer from anyone who has an idea? I'll report back with any solution/findings. Thanks/bobbo.
  2. Nice Monkey

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    HDMI ports are known to be a relative weak component. Look at the many AMP's having troubles reported with those. Also the X20 had a fair share on the first series produced. So it is well possible that a defect occurred. If easy to do I would go for a RMA procedure (getting a replacement).

    New boxes are more likely to fail than the units being used for some months (even weeks). We call it the burn-in period. Very critical equipment is put on test during such a period as one never knows.
  3. bobbo

    bobbo New Member

    Thanks Monkey...that was very nice. PROBLEM FIXED. I already got approval for an RMA from Amazon and I sat in my Lazy Boy staring at the black screen. Seemed to me the Zidoo "wanted" to work...something just not connecting? So, I went thru all my connections and Factory Reset the box one more time. No change. Then, for grins I thought to check if a different source input might do something. I had already tested this by trying my Firestick directly into the Zidoo IN port rather than going thru my Five Device switch. But I decided to see if using the switch itself would do anything different and VIOLA: that was it. For some reason, ((for NO reason?)) While the Zidoo was recording and nothing else was happening, the switch turned to an empty source ((I have antenna, firestick, camera, and computer going thru the switch to a single dmi port on my Vizio tv ((which also stopped working but began again after the on/off seaquence)). The switch had not done that at all in the previous one month of service, but "now I know."

    The Factory Reset got the PiP working again which is nice BUT it did not fix the Zidoo being able to record in mp4 format. It will record but go to a frozen screen and "Can't play video" error message between 20 to 40 minutes of recording. The .ts file system records as it should.

    Knowledge is power. I wish I knew more? //// bobbo.

    ……………..and thanks Monkey for the reminder about "burn in" as I have ordered two more Zidoos. I plan to use both non stop during the 30 day return period to confirm I get good units. It will be informative to see if the mp4 recording function fails on them too. It did work for about one week before it failed. Zidoo seems to be phasing out this EXCELLENT product. As stated, I am wowed by the picture quality at 6mbs. As good as broadcast to my eyes, plan to test to see how low I can go...….
  4. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Happy to assist. :)

    It is not phased out but upgraded. The new Z9S is even better I can assure you. ;)
  5. bobbo

    bobbo New Member

    Hmmmm....thought I had responded to this...but I do get busy. What makes the Z9S worth the upgrade in your view? The only functional improvement I note (or can understand?) is the addition of rca audio outputs? And for my information, the X96 is Android 6 based while the Z steps up to Android 7. Does this provide any functionality or stability that is not readily apparent?...……………...Thanks.

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