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X8 and 4K UHD HDR @ 60fps

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X8' started by 4kHD, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. 4kHD

    4kHD New Member

    Hi all,

    Running the latest 2.1.30 firmware and have tested a MKV file with 4K UHD HDR 60FPS and the X8 just plays it back at 30hz/fps

    I was on the understanding that the RTD1295 chip could handle 4K HDR @ 60fps no problem, but mine does not tested on HT2 app as well as latest Kodi 18.4

    Just for reference my OLED TV does do 4k HDR @ 60fps and so does my Av Receiver i also have the latest High speed with Ethernet HDMI cables.

    anyone know what the problem could be

  2. Heavymetal

    Heavymetal New Member

    Set your x8 on 3840 2160p 60fps,or maybe your hdmi cable is not 60fps,and set your tv on uhd color.
  3. 4kHD

    4kHD New Member

    Thanks for the reply all settings have already been tried and i have tried a shorter 2m High speed with Ethernet HDMI cable and still the X8 reverts the video to 30hz
  4. 4kHD

    4kHD New Member

    Just to let everyone know i fixed this solution is to switch off 'Adjust Framerate and Resolution' in the settings menu X8 then plays back 4K UHD HDR at 60fps
  5. Heavymetal

    Heavymetal New Member

    Oke very good,i have a x9s and z9s and i played a movie with 4k 60fps but a few times the audio is not sync.
  6. 4kHD

    4kHD New Member

    I had no problem with Mine although all my HDMI cables are classed as Premium High Speed, No Lip Sync issues with a 4K HDR @60hz on the X8
  7. Heavymetal

    Heavymetal New Member

    How did you watched the movie,with usb 3.0 or sata or ethernet ?
  8. 4kHD

    4kHD New Member

    Ethernet from a NAS.

    This needs fixing in a firmware update in my opinion because if you want to watch 4K HDR 60HZ you need to set the player to the correct settings in the main menu, When in fact it should be left on adjust framerate and resolution and Auto modes

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