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Discussion in 'other' started by azat0, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. azat0

    azat0 New Member

    How can I program the above to learn my TV and AVR remote controls?
  2. dnedkov

    dnedkov New Member

    1. press and hold the TV CONTROL POWER button on the android remote until the power light on the remote comes on solid red

    2. Now press one of the other tv control buttons, either TV Power, TV in, vol- or vol+. The red light will now blink

    3. point your existing remote at this remote, then press and hold the command you want to teach the android remote. When it gets the signal the red light on the remote will go solid red again.

    4. Repeat with the other buttons.

    5. Press the power button to store everything.
  3. azat0

    azat0 New Member

    Thanks dnedkov, and I guess this is only limited to buttons in the learning area?
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