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    x.264 10 bit is the most popular format for anime in high quality. Video in x.265 10 bit in 95% of cases does not exist at all. Converting 264 to 265 means a great loss of quality. Third-party players are not so convenient and often work is not correctly (they don’t show the subtitles correctly, don’t work as a remote control function, etc.).
    ZIDOO is a very popular player and a lot of people bought it. Is it really impossible to resolve the issue with licenses or what is another problem?
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    I already started a 'Player"thread that this would fit right in. ;)
  3. zmiter

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    It is impossible to perform coding and get 100% the same quality result.
    In different coding algorithms we have different types of losses. We already got a loss coding from the original in x264. Having recoded to x265 we get the sum of the losses.
    Losses will not be only if encoded in x265 immediately from the original.

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