Wrong time Index in TS / M2TS Files

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X20' started by Lance Jackson, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. Lance Jackson

    Lance Jackson New Member

    I have found something unusual and would like to ask if others have that too, or, have previously noticed:

    I have problems when playing TS or M2TS files. It seems that these files work with a wrong time index. This means that z. B. minute 15.00.00 of a TS file does not correspond to minute 15.00.00 of a MKV file. Depending on how often you "fast forward" or jump with the number keys as a percentage of the film, the inaccuracy increases. This I have noticed while displaying external SRT subtitle files. For example the subtitle to be displayed at 15.00.00 o'clock is displayd at a incorrect time of the movie .. I would imagine that this is a bug, because other older devices (Popcorn Hour etc.) can do that without a problem.

    MKV file show the same subtitle at the corrct moment of the movie.

    Maybe someone has made such experiences before and maybe there is another solution besides to convert about 25 TB of footage from TS to MKV (that certainly takes months ...)

    Thank you in advance for any hints!

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