Will X8 be getting new firmware?

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X8' started by kyle009, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. kyle009

    kyle009 New Member

    Hello, I love my X8 but wondering if the new firmware will be arriving on this player? Normally they're all released very close together but no sign of X8 firmware yet.

  2. Gianmaria

    Gianmaria Member

    For the X10 has been released yesterday. Usually they start with the X9s and later the new fw arrives for the X10 and X8 at the same time.
  3. kyle009

    kyle009 New Member

    Could an official representative of Zidoo comment please?
  4. Gianmaria

    Gianmaria Member

    I wrote to @mirror but He didn't reply.
  5. ScottJ

    ScottJ New Member

    So what's going on??? Is Zidoo no longer supporting the X8???
  6. Gianmaria

    Gianmaria Member

    Who buys a zidoo mediaplayer above all, does it to watch movies, above all uhd materials cause for 1080p or less a pc works perfectly and you don't need to lose space in your livingroom for other stuff. The performance in this kind of usage is identical for X8 - X9s- X10 - X20 - X20pro but not the price...so what could do the Company Zidoo to encourage customers to spend money for something newest and more expensive? Don't update anymore the cheapest, that is the X8. There isn't another rational answer since with the previous firmware all the Players worked fine and identically. And that was obvious, since they adopt the same chipset or something really really similar (X20 - X20pro). As for me, the X8 works very good. If i have to replace it, i want more and the only best choice for my usage is an oppo 203 (possibly russian firmware to enable the Dolby Vision on usb)
  7. jcetg

    jcetg New Member

    X9S got the new firmware almost 3 weeks ago, still waiting the new firm for X8...

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