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  1. Noerjew

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    Hey guys and girls, maybe someone can help me. Is it normal dat the dmp-a6 disconnects itself from wifi when I plug in an Internet cable? Thanks!
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  3. NWN

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    This often happens that a device only connects with wifi or ethernet cable, one disengages the other.
  4. Noerjew

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    Ok. Solved! Thanks everyone!
  5. Noerjew

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    So that means that when I make a wired connection with my Eversolo I can't use the app (wireless) with my phone??? That's what is happening now...
  6. Arcticpollen

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    Probably because the DMP has a different IP address after switching to a wired connection. Try deleting the connection in the app on your phone and then reconnect to the current IP address.

    Probably worthwhile making sure that your router is set to give the DMP a static IP address via DHCP.
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