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  1. GoldBar

    GoldBar Member

    Hello, I hope someone can help:
    I've just replaced an older Zidoo X9S with the new X9X Pro and wont be able to connect to the wireless network (Ethernet connection works fine). WiFi is enabled and I can see the available networks. If I select my network, put in the password and "Connect" the unit keeps trying to connect and is stuck in "connecting" state.
    If I try to ADD the network by entering the SSID/Password manually, it doesn't do anything.
    The older X9S works just fine both with Ethernet and Wifi.
    Am I missing something? Are there any other menus to set?
    Thanks for your help
  2. Unclejoshc

    Unclejoshc Member

    For me I could not get WIFI to work with the Ethernet Cable plugged in on my Z2000. First item I have had where I have had to do that. My Wifi is much faster than my ethernet cable due to my set up.
  3. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Ethernet and Wifi won't work concurrently and Ethernet takes precedence over Wifi.

    (If Wifi works better than ethernet then something is terribly wrong somewhere!!)
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  4. Unclejoshc

    Unclejoshc Member

    I do not have the option of a direct connection via ethernet to my router. I have to use the Powerline extenders through my outlets and even though it is 1 room away less than 10 feet in actual distance and they are Gigabit extenders supposedly and I have gigabit internet, I only average a little over 100 mbps using the ethernet cables. On Wifi I get close to 900.
  5. GoldBar

    GoldBar Member

    Thank you. I can confirm that the problem not being able to connect to WiFi was the presence of Ethernet connection. However Zidoo does not give the option to disconnect from Ethernet if one wants to connect to WiFi, or switch automatically upon selection. So the way to go is to disconnect physically the Ethernet cable when connecting to WiFi.
    Not very nice !
    Also, for some reason I get different IP address when connecting by Ethernet vs Connecting by WiFi... does anyone has a suggestion how to fix this?
  6. Mike Kulov

    Mike Kulov New Member

    Hey everyone! Today I've got the same issue - although WiFi has been working for a while on my Zidoo Neo Alpha, after connection to the new WiFi network today it has lost connection and after factory reset cannot connect to WiFi. LAN works good although, but connection to WiFi fails with either LAN wire inserted or not. Any insights on the topic?
  7. Netmask

    Netmask Well-Known Member

    In your router first set up a fixed or reserved IP address, see your router manual on how to do this for your particular brand and model, then use the same IP address in your Zidoo, both for Ethernet and WiFi. Try that and see how it goes.
  8. Mike Kulov

    Mike Kulov New Member

    Thanks a lot - worked in my case!

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