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    Good day everyone
    I have to post with my experience regarding the Zidoo H6 Pro android box
    The excitement I had anticipating it’s arrival after purchasing this unit was edge of my seat stuff going to mailbox everyday hoping it would be the day for its arrival.
    Well for what seemed like forever, I finally received the unit hurried home to set it up and explore for myself what I had seen in the video reviews on you tube.
    It’s been about 2 months since I received it and my excitement now turned into dismay and frustration has set in... I don’t comment at all on any sites I visit but I feel the need to here. Please note, this is my experience which will and can be different from all who read this!! But I myself have purchased and loaded many different boxes and this box has surpassed all of them with issues regarding the operation of the firmware!!
    To start I haven’t had to factory reset and update the firmware on a unit as much as I have on this one!!! Also the time I’ve spent on Google looking for fixes, workarounds etc has surpassed all others. When this box should be the cats ass for units you want to have.
    I’m not a coder / programmer but I don’t understand with this unit being on the market for a good period of time now, can still be experiencing so many issues!!!!
    The web page looks great as do the products Zidoo sells.
    I want this box to be as great as it looks from the outside design to the great spec sheet and sweet looking home page!!
    But with all that said, I’ve decided to explore my option to return this unit with reason being defective firmware.
    Like I have read in other posts everyone with these units needs to continue and or start expressing their experience be it good or bad and hopefully there will be enough commonality in the threads for Zidoo to create a baseline of what they need to focus efforts on.
    This is what I have noticed so far with the newest update and I will add to list as required.
    My issues: firmware .36
    Play store services stopping
    Netflix very odd layout between Adult and Kids sections. The version is the one that was preloaded on box which plays content in HD.
    Have a great day all.

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