Chat Why have the Chinese misused the term "OTA" when they are referring to the Internet?

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    The term; "OTA" is a term that traditionally stood for "Over The Air" as in antenna for broadcast television reception. It should not have any reference to anything connected to the paid, wired Internet. These boxes are not cellular phones or any other mobile devices that can only operate wirelessly.

    If they needed another abbreviation, why not "OTI"? :rolleyes: Duh!

    From Wikipedia;
    Then why has the Chinese decided to misuse the term making it confusing since gives the impression that all of these boxes have internal TV tuners which of course they do not. It's bad enough with all the terms used that lack description other then their abbreviations as it is. We don't need to make it any worse than what it already is.

    The files, firmware, applications are accessed thru the Internet. This has nothing to do with a users local 'Wi-Fi' setup. For the very small percentage of users that may have Internet access via cell tower or similar, that is just a very short hop to the end user.
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    the Chinese are not the ones that misused the term OTA. it started with android phones that where getting the updates over the air... and now almost everyone uses OTA when they talk about updates on android powered machines, does not really mater that much
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    And where are android phones made?? ;)
    Those are phones, these are not. That blanket statement, isn't. I already addressed that argument.

    My point was and is, OTA gives the wrong impression. One doesn't receive anything to these devices OTA. It's almost as bad as calling a LCD TV with LED backlighting a "LED TV".
  4. JJKK

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    What makes anyone think that OTA is exclusive to " antenna for broadcast television reception".

    The definition of OTA according to Google is:

    Over-the-air programming (OTA) refers to various methods of distributing new software, configuration settings, and even updating encryption keys to devices like cellphones, set-top boxes or secure voice communication equipment (encrypted 2-way radios). ... One of them is the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA).
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    That's their definition that suits them. When did "Google" become the end all authority?? They don't preside over the Internet like M$ thought they did 10+ years ago.
    Besides, they are mostly talking about toy cell phones and other hand held annoyances which I already addressed. As far as STB's that are connected to a wired system, why on earth would they receive updates wireless? Makes as much sense as their definition.
    Historically and by past practice their self serving definition only adds to the confusion as I already stated. Logically OTI is the clear term AFAIC if for no other reason to reduce confusion which is at epic levels thanks to the thousands of unnecessary abbreviations in the electronics industry mostly because someone is too lazy to type out the full name..

    BTW, I already did see that narrow casted definition. :rolleyes:

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Im just happy i get an update wether its via a usb update
    Internet download
    OTA update

    Sent to me update
    Zip file update

    Its just another way of naming an update as most in todays day an age knows .

    They can name it what they like to people who update when the term OTA
    We know there is an update out .
  7. JJKK

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    We all have our opinions.. It's currently OTA and I don't think it will change...
  8. Sarco

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    American use so many acronym when I watch CNN I have hard time to understand text banner. Origin came from android or apple use first in phone where the use of "over the air" OTA. Outside english langage OTA is juste a term not related to wireless or wire it is just OTA without other meaning.
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    It surely is confusing here on top of everything else. :mad:

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Cant believe there is a thread on this termology what it stands for or does not .

    Think there is more important things to chat about really .

    Lets close this thread it O.T.T.
  11. videobruce

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    Then if it isn't affecting you, it doesn't deserve a discussion?

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