Why are you not updating ZDMC?

Discussion in 'ZDMC for Zidoo' started by cuppo, Mar 31, 2022.

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    Unfortunately, no (I wish it was this easy, though). Syncing resume points between Kodi clients is done by pointing them to a central MySQL database, which is stored on the user's media server. It would be great if HT could utilise this MySQL database too.

    Edit: sorry nc88keyz, I don't know why I explained how MySQL works to you when you're clearly familiar with it.
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    For me Kodi is the showrunner. I use it since the beginning of time. It is something I wouldn't want to miss. I run my own skin. I use Addons for my PVR and Netflix (btw. does Netflix Addon work properly on ZDMC?). So I'd lean towards a Zidoo with Kodi.
    I am not quite sure if the whole HDR DV topic is handled properly. Maybe yoz can say something about thst. Some folks say that sometimes you have to switch manually between settings because the player just doesn't get it right. The colours I mean. Mixing up HDR and non HDR content. Trying to upscsale, convert, enhance SDR to HDR. Stuff I really don't like and expect from my player. Just play what's in the file fullstop.
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    Didn't know HT read local nfo's. Will it also pick-up local artwork? folder.jpg, fanart.jpg for movies, and TV Show Name - S01E01 - Episode Name-thumb.jpg for TV episodes?

    And, is there a good guide on using HT? Did find this on this site. Thanks.
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    Local art including ClearLogo and collection art is supported, as are local trailers.

    Naming convention is in the PDF at the bottom of this post:

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