CHAT Which is the best x6 vs x9s

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Which is the best x6 vs x9s???

  1. x6

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  2. x9s

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  1. Siam Wahid

    Siam Wahid New Member

    Can anyone tell me which one is Best??
    • x6
    • x9s
  2. Dairy_Farmer

    Dairy_Farmer New Member

    They are two different things. The x6 is a smart TV box and the x9s is a media player. Obviously the x9s will be better as it can do so much more.
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  3. gaki

    gaki Member

    Almost the same usage.
    But there's no competition regarding to performance.
    X6 : CPU RK3368 < X9S : CPU RTD1295D
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