When will the ZDMC (Kodi 18) finally come out?

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by Antonio Oliveira, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. Antonio Oliveira

    Antonio Oliveira New Member

    Zidoo handsets are not cheap.
    Support is poor.
    The Kodi 18 is already supported in generic brands.
    After all, where is the Zidoo community? Why does it take so long to launch the ZDMC version based on Kodi Leia?
    You must merit the value of the product. The competition is great.
  2. looun

    looun Member

    Kodi is support only with 2 devices shield and mi box , not "generic brands."
    Home theater 2.0 in some case work much better than kodi : fast, easy , better interface ecc..

    ZDMC (Kodi 18) or kodi 17 three are not big different because you must use external player.

    If you want true kodi box you must buy other device,but you lost same function: full BD menu, auto switch resolution , full 3d , ecc...
  3. Antonio Oliveira

    Antonio Oliveira New Member

    Kodi 18 even works on RaspberryPi, which is generic.
    Kodi 18 supports external addons that would solve the quality limit, for example, Netflix on Android (including Zidoo boxes).

    Comparing a complete mediacenter like Kodi with Home Theater 2.0 is, at the very least, judging that users are ignorant.

    Zidoo that makes beautiful and powerful (and expensive) boxes has even managed to develop an Android 64-bit system to take in the full potential of the 64-bit Realtek architecture of its architectures and is in the darkness of an outdated Android 6. That is, Zidoo is an ordinary little guy. That has high prices, belox boxes and community of fuckers devilers.
  4. Antonio Oliveira

    Antonio Oliveira New Member

    The destiny of Zidoo boxes is to turn weight into paper.
  5. looun

    looun Member

    RaspberryPi is FULLHD player not UHD ..... what does it has to do with it ?!?!?

    netflix addon compare official APP is very poor and limited.
    If you want netflix ... buy a certificate box.

    repeat HT 2.0 is more fast, easy , better interface than kodi , look better.

    HT 2.0 have auto-update live , kodi every time you must every time "scan source" for new content ... it's a big deal!

    advantage .... noting!
    Plex server app(64 bit app) .... no thank you!

    zidoo use Realtek system player the best player at moment!

    what's ?!?
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  6. Antonio Oliveira

    Antonio Oliveira New Member

    I do not know if you're from the staff.
    If so, can I interpret with your answers that Zidoo does not take into account what the user wants, but rather what he "judges best"?
    To make it expensive, does that mean that Kodi 18 on Zidoo will not be released?
    Better to be clear at once than trying to pretend that a player stuck with the beast like HT2.0 is better than Kodi.

    Respect the user and what he wants and not what you think is best.
  7. Sarco

    Sarco Active Member Beta test group

  8. Antonio Oliveira

    Antonio Oliveira New Member

    I'd read that before. About this incompatibility and non-release of the source code in Allwinner and Realtek. This report only makes me rethink. Why not join the Kodi development community via GLP so that Realtek users do not have to wait for the Allwinner and Realtek goodwill to launch a new Frankeinstein APK? That way user Zidoo would simply download an "official" version of Kodi and install it as soon as it was released. And he (the user) would judge whether he would prefer Kodi or HT.
    I'm a box dealer, but I'm almost giving up on selling Zidoo ...
  9. Antonio Oliveira

    Antonio Oliveira New Member

    If Zidoo's future is to exclude Kodi and adopt HT, it should at least think of supporting the cloud (not just physical libraries). This limit to what is stored in HD is already outdated. And think about addons that implement other features.
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  10. SaskMedia

    SaskMedia Member

    I’d also like to see a new version of zdmc. HT doesn’t cut the mustard for me because there is no way to centralize and synchronize a library/watch status. I have two TVs. One on Zidoo and the other an Apple TV box running infuse (and multiple iOS devices running infuse). I use plex to manage my library and watch status (natively with infuse and zdmc with the kodi library addon). This synchronization just isn’t possible with HT 2.0
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  11. mattmarsden

    mattmarsden Member

    Although ZDMC doesn't report the watched status sadly.

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