What‘s changes of the ZDMC(base on kodi)

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  1. spring

    spring Well-Known Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Hi all
    I'm glad to introduce ZDMC(base on kodi).
    Zidoo from the outset to custome the kodi, later renamed to the ZDMC for the zidoo's kodi. From the ZIDOO X1(all winner H3), then X6(rockchip 3368), even X5(amlogci 905), zidoo change the video decode, the auido passthrough and the autoframe change.
    a lot for people give us some suggestion, from this process, we have learned a lot.
    thanks all.
    right now, i will explain what's we are change for ZDMC of the X9S.
    1, hardware video codec
    we use some hack for the video codec for the X1 and X6, and now, we use the offical hardware video decode of the kodi -- OMX, and it will more compatible and more stable.

    2, audio codec
    it also support HD audio passthrough, even the DTX-X and the dolby ATOMS.
    3, auto-framerate
    we add the 24P auto-framerate function, at this time, we add 23.976 and 29.97 for the ZDMC.
    4, extern player for the ZDMC
    we add a setting item to call the external player when play the video, it and support samba/nfs, operation is very simple.
    5, play with 3D
    if you choose play with 3D, it will call external player dirctly.
    6, package name
    we change the ZDMC package name to com.zidoo.zdmc, and you can install the kodi and SPMC at the same time.

    and those 4,5 change will be released in the next version.
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  2. Alyce

    Alyce New Member

    But I've some issues:
    1. Audio passthrough in ZDMC does not work for me. Only stereo. Native player work fine with passthrough. But first time I've setup & configure ZDMC (when unpack X9s) everything worked if I remember.
    2. External player for BDMV container does not work. Zido player started, but error message "Can't play video" appears.

    Version 1.1.26

    Best regards.
  3. Lony

    Lony Active Member

    With which AVR ????

    BDMV will not supported, please look in the Specs from RTS1295 , make a ISO from this and it works.
  4. Alyce

    Alyce New Member

    AVR Denon
    Hm. When start play from Media center on BDMV container it's work fine.
  5. Lony

    Lony Active Member

    I have a Denon X4200W and it worls perfect. Go in Android Setting and change from AUTO to RAW or RAW to AUTO

    Check in Denon HDMI Controling on on !

    Maybe disable CEC on X9s for Testing.

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