watching movies from PC to Zidoo via ethernet connection

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  1. jt5298

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    Sorry if this question has been asked before. I have a Z2000 Pro in my theater, but wanted a 9X Pro for my upstairs TV. Without buying another expensive model I thought I could just stream my movies from my PC to the 9X via ethernet connection. If my connection speed is gb speed will this provide a quality feed to the TV, or is it better to have a hard drive connected to the Zidoo either external or internal.
  2. cucnz

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    as long as your ethernet pc all the way thru to z9x pro is cat 6 or better and giga ethernet port on pc (zidoo is) ,there will be no issues with playback via smb

    quick way to check is go to browser on zidoo and run an adsl speedtest
    ie my 300m fibre tests 35Mb/s plus so is hitting the max all the way thru to router

    Just have to watch ,occassionally windows updates etc on PC can change 1gig ethernet down to a 100/100 happens to me every time theres an update for win10 pending for days on my PC

    If you turn SMB on in network for both Zidoos you may even be able to play shared movies etc from the z2000 up to the z9x pro
  3. jt5298

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    Okay, thanks.
    I think I saw a thread where a member tried to play movies from one zidoo to another but it didn't work? It would be the easiest solution though.
  4. 3DBuff

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    I have two Z9X players and I can play movies from one Zidoo to another without a glitch. The problem starts when both Zidoos have local hard drives and you play movies between both of them. Maybe it works with PRO versions but it doesn't with older Z9X. No issues to play movies from PC.

    @jt5298 in your specific case you can easily add a second Z9X PRO and play movies from Z2000 Pro and PC or any other local NAS. You may see some issues if you decide to add local USB hard drive to Z9X PRO instead of PC. You would be better off adding more drives using USB ports or USB docking station to Z2000 Pro and keep it all together there.
  5. jt5298

    jt5298 Member

    Thank you for the reply. That's exactly what I would like to do. Have all my movies stored on the Z2000 pro downstairs and stream them to the 9x pro upstairs.

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