UHD 5000 and SMB problem even with 1.075beta

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    Initially before beta 75 I could not copy movies to the two added internal 15 gig drives i bought from any windows pc. At least now I can copy movies to my 2 drives, albeit with access issues.

    Trying to access the hard drive shares in Windows is really painful, even though I have it mapped with ip address. i click on the share and then hurry up and wait. 1 to 4 minutes. when it finally shows the folder, i can paste a movie.

    When trying to access the samba server from my uhd 5000 from any other device, be it a pc or be it an android device like my zappitti player, the ziddoo shares work as far as seeing them and adding them, but when I hit play on a movie on the uhd 5000 from any outside device again I have to wait 2 to 5 minutes before it starts. Once it starts all is fine. Plays fine, i can puase, fast forward, etc.

    I have movies in a dedicated windwos pc, in several network attached storage devices, in my zappitti (two drives there). They all play instant when accessed from anything on the network. the only problem child is my uhd 5000. The uhd 5000 itslef can play movies in it s two hard drives fine, but it sees them as usb devices, not as smb devices. so i think it is the samba server that is screwy. I use my uhd 5000 only as a secondary player, and use its two hard drives as more movie storage . Zapppiti Signature gives me a MUCH better picture and experience.

    Any thoughts on how to fix? Or do I have to abandon using the 5000 as storage and get anotehr NAS? Will the nas read the movies stored there already as is?

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