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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9' started by devrob, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. devrob

    devrob New Member

    plzz help me ,icant sleep , i cant eat, i have 128gb sd card ,zidoo x9 and one small problem, when i go to settings of tubemate and try find sd external card ,its not there but when i create folder of downloads tubemate see option to select in root sd external. im begging for solution. maybe someone will now what to do. maybe swap internal memory with sd external.
  2. Scott

    Scott Member

    128G is likely too large most of these boxes have a 32GB limit on sd cards installed. Try 32GB
  3. devrob

    devrob New Member

    Scott,thanks 4 reply by box mount 128gb fine, just tubemate app cant see path to it
  4. devrob

    devrob New Member

    No, mounting SD card at a place other than /mnt/sdcard is nothing but a business strategy
  5. spring

    spring Well-Known Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    The sdio interface only can support 32Gb,128Gb can't be support.
  6. henry willian

    henry willian New Member

  7. papiguy

    papiguy Member

    Installing another version of Tubemate will not change the fact that microSD cards over than 32 GB are not supported by Z9 !
    I inserted a 64 GB microSD card in the slot when installing the box and the result was a mess...
  8. ancolltoni

    ancolltoni New Member

    Tubemate is the application product of Devian Studio. For copyright reasons, you should use Tubemate at homepage or website

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