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Transmission port closed

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by Page404, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. Page404

    Page404 New Member

    I have upgraded my firmware to the latest version but now I cant use transmission, it said it cant connect to tracker (or something like that) and its port is closed, I am using default port 51413. Is there a way for me to fix it. Thank you.
  2. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member Beta test group Contributor

    is the port open in your router ? Usually torrent clients talk with the router to open the port they use, but i think this version of transmission does not do that
  3. icsi

    icsi New Member

    I have the same problem. Transmission says its closed, but its open. Transmission is opening it too, but it doesn't help.
    Tested with two routers.
    For me transmission is not working since 2 or 3 firmware updates. :(

    Please help, i want it to work again... :(
  4. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member Beta test group Contributor

    mine started to work with the latest updates. but they messed up with the mount again, had to redo all the settings
  5. icsi

    icsi New Member

    I think by me, the mouting is good, transmission shows the download bar, it creates the files and folders.
    Can see how much space is avaliable.
  6. icsi

    icsi New Member

    I did clear data, reset, recover, anyting. After that, i made a reinstall of 2.1.28.
    Transmission says "Port Closed".

    On router i see its open, port checker sites say Port is open. I dont know what to do...
  7. icsi

    icsi New Member

    I did disable IP6 everywhere, on zidoo, on router. Didn't help. :(

    I found this:
    "Same problem appeared again...I found a configuration line in /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json for "bind-address-ipv6" ... deleted this and it started working, but it also automatically re-added the line (transmission-daemon updates and rewrites the settings file on the fly). I don't know if there's a reliable, permanent solution to this. "

    Where can, or how can i edit this settings.json ?
  8. icsi

    icsi New Member

    Still not working, cant figure it out. Somebody please write a solution for this... :(
  9. icsi

    icsi New Member

    I'm the only one who would like to use Tranmission BT on this zidoo device?
    Nobody is interested on fixid this issue?
  10. icsi

    icsi New Member

    I'm disappointed in Zidoo.

    I was looking forward to give my X9S to my father, and buy a new Zidoo mediaplayer, with a little more futures. But after seeing that my problem got no help from them, and those who updated there player with the new firmware, and have alooooot of problems got no help, and you can still download the firmware.... no thanks, i changed my mind .

    (Sorry for those who work hard on these player to give us something better, i still like my X9S)
  11. wasssu

    wasssu New Member

    Did you managed to solve the torrent problem? Can be used only Transmission or you can install any torrent client you want? Thanks
  12. siyaha

    siyaha New Member


    How to remotely connect to x9s (from outside the home)
    I want to manage torrents while at work.

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