Tidal app (not Tidal connect) at Zidoo Z9X Pro - please share your experience.

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  1. Sanctrum

    Sanctrum Member

    I am using Tidal app installed directly via Google Play store at my Z9X Pro... So it is the Android TV version.

    It's working OK once the support solved the problem with Tidal app startup... (not the global support but authorized reseller one :))

    But I am little bit annoyed that the app always in "What's new" section is proposing video clips... not music like at the full app. Navigation and GUI layout is also terrible.

    Has anyone tried to install the main/full/standard mobile android version of Tidal via apk?
    Is it working ok?

    Can anyone share the experience?
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  2. Sanctrum

    Sanctrum Member

    Strange. No one has anything to share?
  3. Roman H

    Roman H New Member

    Hi, how did you manage to sign up for tidal? Support in CZ was disappointing.
  4. Sanctrum

    Sanctrum Member

    First. I have HiFi Plus (Family) Tidal subscription long before having Zidoo. So not any bundled Tidal to mobile network provider subscription...

    I have Zidoo with Google Play store installed and logged to my gmail. I have installed Tidal from that legit level... so not via manually downloaded apk.

    When you open Tidal from the Google Play store for the first time then Tidal asks for registration of the device via link and the displayed code. You go to the web page at PC and register the code confirming it by your Tidal login and password.

    But later on Zidoo has a bug... And it's not possible to start again the Tidal app using the Tidal icon at APPS. So to start it you must again do it via Google Play store. Very inconvenient.

    To fix the problem above, C4i the official Polish Zidoo support and reseller has released a temporary workaround. The Tidal Launcher app - https://c4i.com.pl/artykuly/faq-zidoo-pomoc/#TIDAL (search for TIDAL Launcher).

    You just download it, install and it starts Tidal properly from this launcher.
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  5. Roman H

    Roman H New Member

    Thank you very much. I had the exact same problem and no one was able to help me. Now it works.
  6. DonnieYen

    DonnieYen Member

    Can you give me the tidal launcher file please?
    The website you provided does not have a download link
  7. Sanctrum

    Sanctrum Member

    Sure it has the link, read carefully:
  8. tc2007

    tc2007 Active Member

    When using any Android app meant for mobile devices on a Zidoo, it's best to use a cheap wireless keyboard + trackpad combo USB device. Usually on Amazon for $10-20. It makes navigation a lot more easier.

    I personally used BubbleUPnP to stream Qobuz but it also can do Tidal and use the Zidoo as a DLNA renderer. There is an app on Zidoo which can be used to enable DLNA / UPnP rendering. Just an option to make it easier compared to Tidal app.
  9. Sanctrum

    Sanctrum Member

    Hm, You mean ZD Link app? I have it enabled by default but never succeeded to connect anything from my mobile. Looks like DLNA is not effective at my Z9X Pro. It should work at least for Youtube from my mobile... But Zidoo is not visible/detected at my mobile phone at all.

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