Thinking of upgrading from a X10 to a Z10 Pro

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by videobruce, Dec 1, 2022.

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    I don't really have or watch much if any DV videos or any of the 'latest and greatest' visual & audio enhancements. The faster processor & larger memory is ok, but not that much of a game changer at least for me by themselves. ;)
    Most of it's use is as a Media Player with the internal HDD. I xfer files from & to my desktop Tower with ease.

    I looked thru the thread about the 1619DR chipset model improvements etc. and had some questions;

    1. Has the problem of playing back ripped TV series DVD's (mp4's) where one has to keep changing the aspect ratio from 4x3 to 16x9 still there? This is using the 'Media Player' not the Home Theater player.

    2. Do CC enabled recordings always show the captions w/o turning CC off every time?

    3. Is Android 9 that much of an improvement and if so exactly where? I don't use Kodi?

    4. Is SMB networking much harder to work with (setup) than Open WRT was since that was removed? :(
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    @videobruce -try searching for your answers - just a thought :)
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    1. DVD handling did not change as far as I am aware off.
    3. If you don't install additional APP's yourself. The Android version doesn't make a real difference.
    4. The SMB Server is very basic with only a UID/PWD being optional. Far less complex than OpenWRT.

    This was made to get a good feeling for the changes coming with the new SOC:
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    Already did, more than once.
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    Nice Monkey;
    I did read thru your thread as I stated and I actually printed it out to add notes to it. I do that to many of my devices that others spend time to document the manufactures shortsightedness that have poor documentation as this has, or none at all.
    When I setup the X10 via OpenWRT using a wired Network, I had zero trouble doing so. After I set my static addresses, both the X10 and my Tower had no issue finding each other which surprised me.

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