The Movie Database (TMDB) Scraper Update For ZDMC 16.1

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    I am having to stick with ZDMC 16.1 because of the constant crashing of ZDMC 17.x whenever it plays files via SMB with the external player (see threads in both the X8 and X9S forums). I was using the Universal Movie Scraper but I wasn't getting any cast info and it was also very slow and quite often got things wrong. So I decided to look to see if there was a way of fixing the TMDB scraper.

    It appears that Zidoo (not the only manufactures) don't always use the same version conventions as the main Kodi branch. This is the main reason that attempting to update the TMDB scraper OTA from within ZDMC 16.1 fails. In order to circumvent this I downloaded the 2 core requirements for the scraper and manually changed the version info inside. This enables ZDMC to 'see' them as the correct versions and allows the update to happen. ;)

    If you want to do this AT YOUR OWN RISK then proceed as follows:

    Download the 2 attached zip files. Save them either to a share accessible from within ZDMC or onto a USB stick.

    From Settings/Addons within ZDMC choose to Install from zip.

    You MUST install - - FIRST. ZDMC should tell you that it has updated the scraper, it hasn't finished yet, you must then install -

    Afterwards you will need to re-scrape your library. I did this simply by changing the 'content' for my shares and changing from UMS to TMDB scraper.

    Hope this helps :D

    *****UPDATE***** Not sure if this has caused it but my ZDMC has just become unstable!!
    Can't really think why but I'm investigating - I would advise waiting until I get to the bottom of this.

    *****UPDATE 2***** Panic over! It seems that because the scraper is now working correctly my library had increased in size due to the additional info scraped. The instability was caused by my system running low on storage. I had several backups of my library stored and had forgotten to delete them. Doh!! Everything is now working perfectly. :)


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