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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by freeroc, Jun 8, 2016.


Do you wish to preinstall the TeamViewer QuickSupport in X6pro?

  1. Yes,I wish.

  2. No,please don't.

  3. It make no difference for me.

  1. freeroc

    freeroc Active Member

    Now the Teamviewer supported Zidoo X6pro for remote control through Teamviewer QS with an addon.

    We contacted the Teamviewer Office one month ago, and we got their help to support Zidoo X6pro.
    After our test, TeamviewerQS is proved work well with X6pro. But we have not got the support with HOST apk from teamviewer company.

    So that now we could take full control with X6pro from PC or cellphone , but only through QS, not HOST.

    The way to use it is simply download TeamviewerQSAddon and TeamviewerQS from here , and install them to Zidoo X6pro. Then get the teamviewer ID by run TeamviewerQS. When you start controlling the X6pro from PC or cellphone with fill out the teamviewerID, You need confirm the request of control in the X6pro.

    Or find more FAQs from Teamviewer:

    Enjoy yourself!

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  2. neamielu

    neamielu Member

    If i'm not wrong, QS is on-demand, how are you planning to preinstall it? It would be necessary to run it as service (i.e. host) to work properly, or am I wrong?
  3. cobra78

    cobra78 Member

    It's a normal Android app, you just install it.
    When you open it on a PC it gives you a code to type in to connect to another device.
    You just type it into the Android app and it connects over the internet and you can control the device then.
    There are no server/host running in the background if the code isn't typed in to make a connection.
  4. neamielu

    neamielu Member

    @cobra78 man, I am using teamviewer for a decade or more. I asked specific questions, please focus on what I asked.
  5. Harlan

    Harlan Active Member

    I think Cyber7 was addressing your specific question. If it's a normal app, then there is no entry in the kernal init scripts and no background service running automatically after system startup. You'd have to establish each connection between devices manually, as the others described above.
  6. neamielu

    neamielu Member

    yes, @Harlan, this is my understanding too, that's why I asked what is the point to include it in future as preinstalled app (and my further understanding of this includes a resilient and automatically starting version).

    for me its maximum use would be to be able to control the box from abroad, let say (as I am using it as a seed box, too), even after a power failure.
    if I need to manually start it first, the use is not so extensive as I know teamviewer could be.

    my presumption is teamviewer asked for some advantages or even money for a full version app.
    what else to say, we can get the free goodies, but the real deal would be better, right?

    PS - FWIW - it works great, though, far better than airdroid.
  7. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    neamielu, TeamViewer QS is "on demand", TeamViewer HOST is the version that you (and me) want, but seems that this version still does't runs (well) on X6.
    AFAIK (and based on my experience), both QS and HOST needs Temaviewer QS Addon, and if QS runs fine, also HOST runs the same.
    Maybe this is not the case...

    I'll do some test ASAP for both the versions...
  8. neamielu

    neamielu Member

    i tested before the host version and was not working. I used to blame the lack of a real display for teamviewer to reproduce remotely.
  9. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Tests by me.
    1. installed QS + QS addon + Host
    2. Host starts, from PC I can start a remote control session, on X6 it asks for root rights, granted, but no remote screen shown on PC.
    3. frozed Host, launched QS, started a remote session from PC, on X6 it asks accepting a remote session, granted, on PC is shown something like "remote session refused" (is in italian, but this is the meaning) even if not true.
    Airdroid still work as usual (non smooth as Teamviewer, but works)

    I don't want to "factory clean" my X&, at least not now...
    Any way to (help to) debug this issue?
  10. bigpoppapaul

    bigpoppapaul Member

    Teamviewer Tests

    Installed the QS addon and QS on an X6 running .33 (I'll test on a newer firmware later). QS works beautifully. Was able to navigate and use keyboard commands with ease. Attempted to use Host and after permission was granted. Teamviewer could still not connect to the box in that manner.

    Edit: I also tried QS after unrooting the box and it worked. So, like many other boxes, QS doesn't require root. Which is great.
  11. neamielu

    neamielu Member

    guys, I have no idea why you insist on trying HOST, since there is clearly stated: „But we have not got the support with HOST apk from teamviewer company.” by @freeroc.

    I noticed on another post that zidoo team had a couple of x6 and x1 sent to teamviwer and that's all what they agreed to do, the QS version. as I stated before, my guess is that for permanent host they asked for money...

    or, hopefully, our agreement to preinstall it will bring us the patched host version, who knows? (i can wish, right?) :D
  12. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Addendum to my previous post:
    1. Mine was a try to use Host, because on my experience, when QS install need addon, Host also runs.
      A read that Zidoo has already verified that host is not yet supported, but a test once more is not a pity... is only my waste of time
    2. My question and ask for support is related to QS that on my X6 does'n work, or to be more precise, miss remote desktop (other parts works).
    Anyway today I'll try to clean out Teamviewer apps and data on my X6, hping his is enough to make it running as espected.
    Any advice about is welcome!!!
  13. neamielu

    neamielu Member

    well, I'm glad you are so determined, if you find a solution to get HOST mode running, please share it ;)
  14. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    No more test of Hosts, I give up...

    But an important information:

    DON'T UPGRADE Teamviewer QS app and keep Zidoo version!
    After automatic upgrade (from Play Store) remote control don't work anymore!!!

    To Zidoo team: check with Teamviewer team what break compatibility with X6.
  15. AlMu

    AlMu New Member

    We need confirm the request of control in the X6pro, but if we are in office (for example), who accept the request at home? :( In this way is almost useless.
  16. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Please, keep in mind that Zidoo has tried to make both QS and HOST able to work on X6, but only QS works as aspected (except if you upgrade it from the version downloadable above)
    QS is "on demand", HOST is what you need. Don't complain please. They have done a good job. Maybe in the future Zidoo team will be able to make also HOST working.
    Else, if really need to access X& unattended, look around for automation tools that "push button when required", but keep in mind that this may arise risk of unwanted access to your device.
    Other solution (mine) is to keep installed also AirDroid, and use its "remote control" to "authorize" QS remote access on demand.
    I don't give you more details, if you want to remote access your X6 you must be skilled enough to do this by yourself.
  17. neamielu

    neamielu Member

    @PacoRabanne keeping airdroid active is slowing down the whole system. not to mention the airdroid itself needs to be started if a power failure occured in the mean time... just saying.
    yes, it is solution, but a temporary one.
  18. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    neamielu, I agree, infact I start Airdroid at every boot, if I don't need a remote access I close it. Simple.
    I usually need a remote access when I'm home and need do something from my PC.
    Instead, if you need to access it from a far place, this is not the best (temporary) solution.

    I absolutely don't use X6 when away from home, and I'll never do it (for me X6 is ONLY a media player and an interactive device, not a background downloader or like).
    But, of course, is my point of view...

    Very nice is Zidoo will solve also the Temaviewer Host "issue"
  19. bandusix

    bandusix New Member

    Hi, guys. Why you want to isntall the Teamviewer for Zidoo? What I guess that someone want to download something on their boxes when they are not at home. Am I rhght?
  20. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Not completely.
    For me is a way to access it from my PC and take snapshots of screens, move or copy files back and forth between PC and X6 and more.

    For other people I don't know. :rolleyes:

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