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    As a new owner of an x8 i have a few problems. (external player)
    The subtitles with a 3d movie (iso 1:1 rip and mvc3d) are not correct, no popup and all
    showing in the back ( wrong z-offset) so unwatchable.
    Also srt is not showing ok.. for example <i/> or fontcolorff## is also readable ??
    Next in subtitle menu the color , size are fixed exept offset, so with the start of every
    movie a have to lower the subs manualy .....very annoying.
    Not possible to add my fav tff font ??? I dont like arial or teletext font.

    Not sure if i keep the box as i have no idea if it will be fixed as i have only
    10 thinking days before refund.

    The good is the PQ and audio hd and atmos passthrough , really awsome compared
    to my rpi3.

    Greetz from Holland
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    Wait & try the new firmware 1.4.4 before claiming a refund.
    In my opinion, on 3d videos, Zidoo external player is the best with subtitles. Did you try all the settings ?
  3. Tukker

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    Yes i tried everything. Now with the latest 1.4.4 fw still no good subs. Z-offset is not read/used by the
    external player (results in a sub placed behind or in the middle popup subject). X8 complete unuseble for 3D iso rips. (my old
    mede8er 600xd played all those rips with perfect 3d subs placing)
    The only improvement is now the external srt subs which are now good ajustable and exept my own tff font. (very good)
    Unfornately the same utf8 srt internally are still wrong by old font and showing the <i/> on tv ???
    With 3d movies the external srt cannot be placed closer (more popup) because delta offset setting in menu is not working,
    so showing on a fixed 2d place, looks very bad. Worked in former fw.

    Ps Now it shows the number 1 above the first line of the srt.
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