Subtitle problem with tones in Greek capital letters (detailed explanation)

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    The problem has been reported by many people in the past and we are currently discuss it a lot in one of the biggest a/v online communities in Greece, AVClub.

    I will start by explaining the problem. Greek subtitles can come in two encodings. The first is UTF-8 and the second is Windows 1253. The problem is when the subtitles are in the second and believe me, many subtitles, old or new are coming in this encoding. Unfortunately, Windows 1253 is not fully compatible with ISO 8859-7 because toned capital letters like Ά are located at different byte values.

    I will continue by mentioning what happens with conversions.

    -A file with Windows 1253 will play just fine in a media player if the player's subtitles encoding is switched to that encoding.

    -If, let's say, I want to use Notepad++to convert this file to UTF-8 with BOM, the file will be INCORRECTLY converted unless I change the character set first to Windows 1253 and then convert. If you just open the file and then convert directly to UTF-8 with BOM, it will miss the A.

    -The only way to have this correctly converted, is to use a program for editing subtitles like Subtitle Edit. This will automatically detect the original subtitle encoding (Windows 1253), display it properly and when converted to UTF-8 it will be converted properly.

    The above is explained in detail with the following image:


    As you may understand, users are not obliged to know how to use external Windows applications to have the subtitles displayed properly in x9s. Most want to just get the subtitle and watch the movie. They want a similar experience to Kodi/ZDMC where the subtitle is displayed properly without ANY editing.

    Therefore, I would like to ask you some things:

    a) Is it possible to have auto detection of the subtitle encoding and automatic switch in the Zidoo player? If a file is UTF-8, switch to UTF-8, if it is Greek Windows 1253, switch to Greek Windows 1253, if it is Chinese, switch to Chinese. Subtitle Edit has the ability to detect encoding automatically and it is open source application so you may want to have a look at that.

    b) How easy/difficult is to implement a save function for the subtitles encoding? Right now, someone may change to Greek, restart the x9s and then it will be UTF-8 again.

    Ideally a+b would make this the perfect solution. Not sure about Realtek SDK limitations but it would be interesting to know.

    I attach a zip with 3 subtitles inside. The original 1253, one converted with Notepad++ without changing Characted Set first and just Convert to UTF-8 with BOM and one converted with from 1253->utf8 using Subtitle Edit.

    The problem affects most Greek owners of x9s.

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  2. leonkoum

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    I can confirm that!
    Please zidoo team take care of this
  3. dimitris liosis

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    Same here , please take care of it
  4. perd

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    Yeap, it is true, unfortunately!
  5. friendgr

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    Please fix it.
    I have no such problem with other players with the same srt files.

    It is rediculous to edit srt in the year 2018.
  6. moutsa

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    I can confirm it....please fix it.
  7. Kyprianos A.

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    Merry Xmas to all!

    And yes, I can confirm this problem too. In fact I think I have mentioned it in another thread.

    So pls fix it asap!
  8. polakis

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    Please fix it zidoo. Its very annoying for us Greeks!

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