Store Google Play Issue "This version of the app isn't compatible with your device"

Discussion in 'ZIDOO H6 Pro' started by kaneda79, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. kaneda79

    kaneda79 Member

    Today i am having this message while trying to access Google Play store. It looks like there is an auto update of the app. Every now and then i have to uninstall the update through ClearManager to use the Play Store, but it keep updating.

    Really annoying... sincerely this time i am minding to return the H6 pro. I can deal with the limitations of the firmware but new problems are showing and this is too much
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  2. Duckquack

    Duckquack New Member

    Me too having same problem, This is new issue.

    When are you release new firmware with fixing Google Play search issue, I too felt returning the tv box.
  3. wooolf

    wooolf Active Member

    +1 regretting not returning the box while it was possible...
    May be we should start asking things on other forums, as no one seams to care on this "internal" one...
    Do you guys know of forums where we could be sure to be read?
  4. kaneda79

    kaneda79 Member

    Thank You very much, I hope the solution is still working. I'll try it this evening :)

    Well, i have 10 days remaining to return it to Amazon. Considering latest firmware .20 have been released the 8 of january, I confide something new will be released before my deadline. One month is more then enough to release at least a corrective firmware for some of the problems the user are highlighting. I've choosen this box for the support. If not good support i don't see the value of the product(Yes is beautiful, but i don't use it for the beauty).
  5. dikonomi

    dikonomi Member

    Same problem here, but when I uninstall updates the Google play store works. Still, it's annoying to uninstall updates every time you need to open play store. I think Zidoo will address this problem as they have done with previous ones, but this time around it might take a little longer with the Chinese New Year celebrations and holidays.
  6. wooolf

    wooolf Active Member

    Chinese spring festival doesn't start until the 15th of february... unfortunatly this doesn't explain weeks of silence...
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  7. dikonomi

    dikonomi Member

    I know, I mean it will take longer this time if they do not do something before Feb. 15. However, I have had problems before, as had the others, and they have been solved, even when Zidoo guys here did not answer to the messages.
  8. kaneda79

    kaneda79 Member

    In the meanwhile i have found an even better alternative with Aptoide TV. It's optimized for android tv boxes so it's really simple to navigate and search for apps. Plus i like the way it looks!
    I highly suggest it
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  9. dikonomi

    dikonomi Member

    Yes, I have it installed on my box. No use so far, just some updates of the apps, but it's good to know you have alternatives.
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  10. wooolf

    wooolf Active Member

    Thanks, I liked Aptoide, so Aptoide TV sounds great :)
    The only issue I have is about the security of some apps in there, and letting my kids use it alone...
    A proper safe playstore is still needed...
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  11. wooolf

    wooolf Active Member

    I tried play8812 from apKmirror (no V8812 on
    and it doesn't work error when searching FIFA
    Dande, please what do you mean by "reset" erase update and data from app?

    BTW Aptoide TV really Rocks :) ideal app!! thanks Kaneda!
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  12. kaneda79

    kaneda79 Member

    @wooolf, you are welcome!
    i want to try other appstores too, like "Galaxy" that gives the possibility to install apps without the need of google play services.
    On the other hand it came to my mind that i had this problem with google play store after installing superSU. maybe i try uninstalling it
  13. kaneda79

    kaneda79 Member

    I confirm what you wrote @dende latest version is stabil but no search.
    Anyway is just a trial to find a solution to advantage users who prefers official play store.

    Luckily there are alternatives
  14. wooolf

    wooolf Active Member

    ok thank you I understand now :)
  15. khalid

    khalid New Member

    I am having the same issue thats why i joined this forum to find any useful tips of how to solve the play store compatibility message and ur right the only way to get around is to uninstall the app all the time which is annoying so i hope they release some fixes
  16. Carlos

    Carlos New Member

  17. mitchell4you

    mitchell4you Member

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  18. jamesvanpelt

    jamesvanpelt New Member

    Hi. Can you guy give me a list of trusted website to download apk file (apkpure, apkmonk, apknite, apkmirror...). What else?
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  19. dikonomi

    dikonomi Member
  20. vondes

    vondes Member

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