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Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z9S' started by Baciok, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Baciok

    Baciok New Member

    Hello everyone. I just bought my first Zidoo device. Model Z9S
    Before I used only Minix devices. I have updated the Z9s to the latest stable firmware available. I then installed the NOVA PRIME laucher (as I did on my previous Minix Android boxes) and connected an air mouse. But I found a couple of problems on Z9s

    1 The status bar (and notifications) can not be displayed
    2 The navigation bar appears for a few seconds and then automatically is hidden.

    How can I enable the status bar? (and notifications)
    How can I permanently enable the navigation bar? (and hide it if necessary)

    Obviously in case of display app in full screen (like YouTube or Netflix video) the two bars should hide automatically as it happens for any smartphone, Android Tablet and my previous boxes.

    Is there a solution to these problems?
  2. Baciok

    Baciok New Member

    Does anyone know if at least the status bar / notification bar can be displayed? His lack is a strong limitation in using this fantastic box. At least someone from Team Zidoo can answer me please?

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