SPDIF audio dropouts while TV is OFF (HDMI handshake problem?)

Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z10' started by Richard Kadeřábek, Sep 3, 2020.

  1. Richard Kadeřábek

    Richard Kadeřábek New Member

    Hi, guys,
    I've been using Z10 with computer monitor for almost 6 months without any major problem. Now I bought a 4K TV set (Sony BRAVIA KD-55XF9005) and I encountered strange problem. When playing audio with SPDIF electric coax out (to Cambridge CXA80) while the TV's ON, everything is fine, when turning the TV OFF ( well, it's not completely OFF, kind of standby) every cca 30s the front display shows jump from 4K to 1080p and back with audio dropout. I tried to ignore EDID, selected fixed resolution, disabled Bravia sync, nothing helps. Seems like Z10 is regularly handshaking HDMI with Bravia, which causes the digital audio dropping out. Now I always unplug HDMI cable from output to keep audio uninterrupted, but this practice is annoying... Would you see any option I haven't tried? Thanks for any insight. Richard, Czech Rep.
  2. EdJerr

    EdJerr New Member

    I confirm Z10 has problems with audio over SPDiF.
    1. I noticed audio drops while playing video with Dolby or DTS coded 5.1 audio. This happens randomly and is annoying while watching concerts (I use either old Bravia TV or Optoma projector both connected with hdmi cables with splitter for video and fiberoptic for raw audio). There are no dropouts while just listening to the music (no video), which proves what Richard has wrote above.
    2. A Digital Dolby Plus coded audio is distorted no matter of the volume control position.

    I hope this is a s/w only issue and that it will be solved in the next f/w upgrade.

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