Sound drops occasionally via HDMI on UHD3000

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  1. Rene1965

    Rene1965 New Member

    Hi all,
    I have a big music collection on an External USB3 (2,5 inch) external harddisk connected to my UHD3000.
    All my music is lossless (FLAC) from 16bit-44.1 kHz to 24bit 192 kHz.
    I play all my music in Shuffle/Random mode.
    I have 2 HDMI cables on my player. 1 (audio only) to my receiver and 1 (main) to my TV.
    Occasionally the sounds stops for about 2 or 3 seconds and then continues.
    Sometimes it's a 16bit music file sometimes a 24 bit.
    With watching movies that uses the same source / HDMI port it happens rarely.
    I already tried another HDMI cable or another port on my receiver.
    Anyone know if this is a hardware issue in my player a software issue (the player is kind of a new model) or maybe a setting can change this?
  2. gustavo woltmann

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