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Discussion in 'Eversolo DMP-A6' started by Martipulami, Feb 15, 2024.

  1. Martipulami

    Martipulami New Member

    Hello everyone,
    I'm having some problems with the built-in Amazon Music streaming module (not app). Browsing through the forum, I have already noticed that this function is not one of the best parts of the Eversolo DMP-A6 and that there is definitely a lot of room for improvement ...
    My problem is as follows: At the moment, I only see the first 100 playlists I created myself on Amazon Music. Why is there this limit on the DMP-A6? On all other devices, whether iPad, iPhone or PC, for example, all playlists are displayed.
    There is also no option to display albums by artist in the Amazon Music Streaming Module. They are only listed by album name, which, sorry, is totally impractical and user-unfriendly.
    Finally, the podcasts subscribed to on Amazon Music are also not available, which is a shame because you then have to switch to the Amazon Music app, which is unfortunately very, very, very slow.
    The reason may be that Eversolo can only work with what Amazon makes available via the interface. Nevertheless, I think that more effort should be invested in the functionality and user-friendliness of the built-in modules. After all, the joy of using the device depends on it.

    I would be delighted to at least receive an answer to the question about the 100-playlist limit. And of course I would also be very happy if the Amazon Music app were to be improved.

    Thanks, Martin
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  2. audio58

    audio58 Active Member

    I always had issues with Amazon. Try like charm. In Cast view you can see which titles have the high def albums.
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  3. Peter Wallop

    Peter Wallop Active Member

    I use Amazon just for basic, HiRes streaming and, when it comes to the more sophisticated functionality, experienced the same issues using a BluOS on a Bluesound Node2. To be fair, I think most of the issues are down to Amazon - they seem to be restrictive to non-Amazon platforms. That said - their library suits my taste, there’s greater HiRes content & it’s vastly cheaper if you’re immersed in their Prime offering. Horses for courses! :)
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  4. Martipulami

    Martipulami New Member

    I have now tried Qobuz and will be canceling Amazon Music Unlimited as a result. If you spend a little more time with Amazon Music and don't just want to search for music but also organize it, it becomes very clear how poor the user interface is. You get the feeling that Amazon hasn't invested any love in its music offering. The web version, for example, can't do anything, not even sorting. It looks like this is the version that Eversolo had to integrate.

    In contrast, the interaction between Qobuz and the DMP-A6 works much better. Thanks for the tip!
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  5. audio58

    audio58 Active Member

    Agree, Amazon simply sucks...I always had hiss in the backgound, Qobuz is excellent.
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  6. Peter Wallop

    Peter Wallop Active Member

    I agree that Amazon’s interface is slightly lacking if you want more than the basics (lacking in love is a good way of putting it - it’s clearly a secondary product for them). However, I simply don’t understand the ‘hiss’. Amazon SQ is perfect on my A6 (my top concern) and I’m experiencing absolute silence with the amp at almost full volume until the track starts and then hiss is still nonexistent.

    Qobuz seems to have more detail-oriented functionality, but Amazon has a wider library and availability of HiRes. I just don’t see how Amazon ‘simply sucks’ - why?
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  7. Uwe

    Uwe Member

    If the implementation of Amazon Music is done correctly, the streaming service is the best next to Apple Music. Large catalog, many Hi-Res titles. Wiim is an example of a good implementation of Amazon Music.
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  8. GeNeRiKz

    GeNeRiKz Member

    I have a question about the Amazon Music streaming capability.

    I tried to log in with my account but the default site is where I am not a Prime user.
    I'm an (Japan) Prime user but I can't seem to find who to change the landing page/country for Amazon Music...

    Qobuz is coming to Japan (they acquired e-Onkyo) but the start date keeps shifting from the announced Dec 2023 to ... "we are having issues transferring the audio catalog from e-Onkyo".

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