SOLVED: Crashing upon boot with logo only on the screen

Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z10' started by Richard Kadeřábek, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Richard Kadeřábek

    Richard Kadeřábek New Member

    Hello, guys, I'm having troubles from the very start: got Z10 2 hours ago, installed two apps and then I tried Google store (now I know the wrong way) and I ended up with only logo screen with unsuccessful boot. Can give me a piece of advice how to fix it (with FW reflash from USB maybe...)? Thank you, Richard, Czech Rep.
  2. Richard Kadeřábek

    Richard Kadeřábek New Member

    Followed the procedure from one of the older posts here. It worked eventually.
  3. BlackBriar

    BlackBriar New Member

    Hi there. I had the same problem, and the instructions for reflashing the FW didn’t solve my issue. What method did you use?

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