SMB Shares Unavailable at boot up

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X10' started by Stibone, May 19, 2023.

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    Hey all, having an odd issue. I have my X10 wired to a gigabit switch and 2 Synology NAS devices hardwired to the same switch. Each NAS has multiple shared folders (i.e. 4K Movies, HD Movies, 4K TV, HD TV etc). All are accessed as sources via SMB. Sometimes when the Zidoo boots up, 2 shared folders show as unavailable. It's always the same 2 shares and the shares are located on different NAS boxes. Most of the time, they will eventually connect. Sometimes it takes 30 seconds, sometimes a couple minutes and rarely it fails to connect and I need to reboot. It's obviously very annoying when trying to watch a movie and the share in unavailable. So clearly it's not an issue with the Synology box because the 2 problem shares are on different boxes. All HDs in the Synology boxes are identical (WD Red NAS drives). Everything is hardwired and to the same switch. I have no issues access these shares ever from my AppleTV 4K or nVidia Shield Pro. Really stumped here as to why this is happening. Anybody have any ideas?

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