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Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by blasiusx, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. blasiusx

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    On different X9S Devices and on X8 we have a bad picture Quality, if you turns On the Slideshow View. Have anyone other this issue ? We have tested it with different Firmwares (from 2.0.34 to up 2.1.22) on the Zidoo X9S and X8, and with different TV's (Full HD and 4K like Samsung, Toshiba and Sony).

    Without the Slideshow (Single Picture View), the Picture Quality is very sharp und detailed. But if you turn on the Slideshow, the Contours and the Details looks like aliasing is strongly present. Overall the "Staircase" effect is visible.

    Especially at the edges or contours. They are very grossly dissolved.

    Had anyone other this Issue ? You can see it cleary on this sample images, but every jpg looks like this, shot from 4 different cameras.

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  2. paxnn

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    BUMP - watching thread - waiting for a solution.
  3. blasiusx

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    I feedback this to the Support, but I think they didn't see the issue clearly. :(.

    Please contact the Zidoo Support ( and confirm the slideshow picture quality issue, if possible.

    I think there are much more Customers with this issue, but not many use the Picture Viewer Slideshow Gallery. ;)
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  4. JBA6

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    I've never noticed this effect when using Kodi or Zidoo's own ZDMC to view photos.
    Did you try either instead of the Picture Viewer?
  5. blasiusx

    blasiusx Member

    No, I don't (want) use Kodi, only the Media Center. It always play fine all my Videos and Music perfectly. The Integrated Image Gallery Photo Viewer is good enough, but with Slideshow On produces this bad picture quality. And this should be solved, if possible.
  6. JBA6

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    I thought I better check my X9S, running firmware version 2.1.25 to see if it behaves the same as yours and sure enough as you say if you display a slideshow of photos via the Media Center then they appear to display at a lower resolution. I also found however that sitting at my normal viewing distance from the TV screen I wasn't able to detect the drop in resolution. Perhaps you are sitting closer to your screenthan I do? I know you don't want to use it but for the benefit of others I also checked Kodi (ZDMC) and can confirm it doesn't have this problem.

    I was surprised by your comment that playing your music via the Media Center, which makes use of the Music 3 app, plays your music perfectly. If you mean exactly what you said I would agree if it had gapless playback it would "play" my music perfectly too but if I look at the screen when the music is playing then what I see on the screen is hardly ever perfect. I personally want gapless playback as well as the on-screen display to be correct when my music is playing so I find Music 3 to be very poor as music player. It assigns the vast majority of my ripped albums (all of which are correctly tagged, mostly in the FLAC format) to the wrong artists with the wrong song titles so it usually displays the wrong background photo as well as getting the titles, artist, genre and lyrics wrong. It even frequently puts up lyrics for instrumental tracks that have never ever had lyrics. I want to see a correct display as well as gapless playback so Music 3 is not the app for me. At the moment Kodi (ZDMC) gives me the best music playback experience on my X9S with good sound quality (even though it resamples everything to 48KHz), correctly identified artists, albums and songs with the correct artwork and genre displayed. If you really don't have any of these problems when playing your music I'd love to know what format your albums are ripped to and how they are tagged.

  7. blasiusx

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    Hmmm...Nothing changes with FW 2.1.28...I'm dissapointed. :(
  8. bob

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    Can you send this picture to me?

    You can also try installing this app first.

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  9. blasiusx

    blasiusx Member

    hello Bob.

    I'm on Holidays now, could'nt test it. ;)

    I will sent you a PM with the GDrive Link with many JPG Samples and some video samples that show the Issue much better.

    I've described the issue to the Offiial Support, but nothing chnages until now. I Hope you have a solution.

    Thank you very miuch.
  10. bob

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  11. blasiusx

    blasiusx Member

    Have tested the zidoo_pic.apk

    Unfortunately, nothing has changed. On the contrary. Now even the original background music does not even work during the slideshow. Can you send me the original .apk from the 2.1.30 Image Gallery so I can fix it? Many thanks.

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