Showing disconnected drives in ht4

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    Hello, I have a new question here. At least I think it is new.

    In HT4, when my NAS is not powered on, some disks, sources, are shown as active or connected, others are not.
    There doesn't seem to be a system behind it. There are internal HDs and external, connected via usb.
    The disks are shown mixed.
    It doesn't seem to depend on the size of the disks or the name.
    However, it is always the same disks that are displayed as connected , or are displayed as disconnected.

    It would be nice if all disks would be displayed, because the library always shows only the movies and series of the disks that are considered to be activated.
    Of course the movies can't be played, logically. But it would be cool to have the library content displayed completely.

    I also have a Mac as a source, which I often have on without the NAS being on.

    Hardware is
    Orb R81 so Z9X with .92 FW.
    Zyxel NAS with 5 hard drives, two internal, three external.
    Macmini with external ssd.

    Thanks in advance for your support

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