Should i eject the HDD when the box is standby?

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X7' started by Pedro Nuno, Oct 9, 2019.

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    I have a ZIDOO_X7 (Firmware version: v1.2.7), and i bought a external HDD.

    Should the HDD be ejected each time the box goes into stand-by or just when for some reason I have to get the HDD out? As I put it on standby, the box light is on and I'm afraid that it will work and wear out the disk ... I ask this because it still takes a lot of steps to eject it through the system, and it was boring have to do it each time I box in standby. In the case of my box, it only turns off the plug so it is always in standby.

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    I had that issue with Zidoo X9S where the external USB connected drive would restart a second after Zidoo went into standby mode. I think Zidoo has some wires crossed between different ports.

    Try this: when Zidoo goes to sleep mode and external hard drive restarts just unplug HDMI cable going to the TV (with the TV off). The hard drive stops ;)

    Workaround for me was to insert small USB thumb drive into empty USB 2.0 Zidoo socket. Now hard drive sleeps when Zidoo sleeps. You shouldn’t have to eject the drive before sleep mode.

    Removing drive (pulling the plug out) while Zidoo is in sleep mode may corrupt the drive. I’ve learned this the hard way on different Android device. It didn’t refresh the drive after wake up. It keeps file allocation tables from before sleep mode.
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    It works :) Thanks

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