Screen Flicker (Post) HDMI IN

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X9S' started by Akamolik, Jan 16, 2019.

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    I noticed a wierd issue I came across that I hope someone can help me resolve.

    I hooked my netbooks (HDMI OUT) to the X9S (HDMI IN) and it works great, I can do PIP, record content, infact it even looks better then when directly connected to the TV.

    The issue is after I close the (HDMI IN) and view normal media from the X9S lke Netflix or IPTV the screen shows normal but has a flicker that I have never seen before

    I have tried backing out to the HDMI IN menu and using the task manager to close the HDMI IN Options box aswell but it flickers either way, but never flickers when viewing the HDMI IN content

    I would perfer to leave the cable hoooked from Netbook to X9S then just use windows to set the display to primary when Im not using it then send to HDMI when I do want it, which should work fine as the X9S does sense no HDMI Input

    The only workaround I have found is to set display to primary then pull the HDMI cable from the Netbook.

    For normal use I dont use PIP or Broadcast, I have the output type set to "file" and I have tried lowering some of the settings but it didnt make an difference solving this issue...

    The Homescreen, menus, or option pages do not flicker, its only the content like if I close HDMI in and load netflix or IPTV those screens flicker but nothing else...

    I went over various settings and didnt see anything, Im pretty technical and understand 90% of how the options effect but this one is puzzling me, Its acting like a resolution mismatch or frequency flicker seen on cams.

    any ideas? why would it happen only after I close the HDMI IN?

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