Samsung "HDMI UHD Color" compatibility problem

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    I have a Zidoo X20 and my TV is a Samsung 55Q9FN. It has a functionality called HDMI UHD Color that Samsung describes as “Optimse picture quality for HDMI UHD connections. HDMI 2.0 specifications are supported, which can accept UHD (50P/60P 4:4:4 and 4:2:2) signals”. As far as I know, this option is intended to work with HDR external devices.

    When I switch on the HDMI UHD Color option on the TV and play content with the Zidoo X20 the output signal is 24Hz, 4:4:4 and 10 bits, but no HDR (ITU 709).

    If i switched off HDMI UHD Color option on the TV, i get next:

    • if I switch off autoframe-rate option, it will output 2160p@60Hz, YCB 420, HDR and 10 bit, even though the source is 23,976 ,and in this case the reproduction gives micro jumps and is not fluid.
    • In case I switch on autoframe-rate option it will output 2160p@23Hz, YCB 444, HDR and 8 bit. I tried to put video configuration in auto mode, forcing 420 and 10 bits, … but the result is always the same.

    So I think the Zidoo X20 is working in the opposite way to the expected with the option HDMI UHD Color.

    In April, the Zidoo technical service informed me that the engineers were working on a solution to the incompatibility problem between the Zidoo X20 and the "HDMI UHD Color" function of my Samguns Q9FN TV.
    After testing the latest firmware update (v2.2.82), the problem is still there.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    On the other hand, I have detected another image problem: In many HDR scenes a series of red dyes are seen, as can be seen in the attached image:
    On the same TV by playing the same file with the player built into the Samsung there is no problem. I tried to modify the image parameters of Zidoo without results. Is there any solution for this second problem?

    Thank you

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    Even with samsung q90r the problem remains the same but the hdmi uhd color is now named signal plus ! I've got the same results but only HDR in 8 bits.
    Problem here is the hdmi implementation of both brands they not seemed to recognize each other so after contacting samsung they say it's zidoo fault so you know where that is going pointing the finger to each won't solve the problem. There are no strict rules of how to implement hdmi so brands are choosing there most convenient way of doing so.
    You can fix this by putting an hd FURY INTERGRAL 2 in the chain so this can read the signal correctly and outputting in 12b 444 371 mhz .

    The over saturation of the reds can be helped by reading this :
    for hdr you shoud watch this :
    - and more settings on his channel

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    Thank you very much for responding to the topic.
    I very much appreciate your advice.

    Although I have not found much information about this problem on the internet, I see that it must be something widespread.

    The truth is that the hdfury product is not a cheap solution. If you add to the price of the Zidoo x20 ...

    In April I already exchanged several emails to Zidoo technical support without giving me a solution, but hope is never lost.

    On the saturation of the red tones, it does not seem to be a problem of calibration of the TV, since with the Samsung TV player they do not occur. Maybe it's related to the HDMI compatibility issue ...

    Thank you.
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    I think if you hoping that samsung or zidoo are coming with solutions for hdmi issues well you can watch blade runner 2049 in the actual year they are predicting in the title;)
    Trust me i have messed around for other solutions and the only one reliable is an hd fury. It's definitely not cheap but it's the best.
    For your saturated reds if the incoming signal from the zidoo isn't well recognized by the samsung hdmi well the only way to resolve that problem is a proper calibration.

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    Well, before waiting for this date, I will have to think about the HDFury solution.

    Do you think this alternative could work?

    It seems to correct HDMI signals and is cheaper.

    Thanks again!!
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    At first sight it looks ok to solve your problem. For absolute certainty i would fill in the form and explain your issue and they will answer you correctly and fair.

    Good luck and pm if it works out.;)

    you're welcome :cool:
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    Finally I bought the HD Fury Dr HDMI 4K ( and the problem is solved.
    It is a shame to have to spend more money for everything to work properly, but ...... it is what there is.

    Thank you very much for the help!
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    Glad to hear it worked good luck and it is what it is

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