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    1. Would it be possible to change an order in the feedback api ?
    The get request for audio tracks gives the following feedback of the player (example here with 2 audio tracks):

    {"status":200,"currentIndex":0,"size":2,"subtitles":[{"title":"English Dolby TrueHD 6ch 48.0KHz","laungaue":"eng","isClose":false,"mime":"","channelCount":6,"sampleRate":48000,"index":0},{"title":"English PCM 2ch 96.0KHz","laungaue":"eng","isClose":false,"mime":"","channelCount":2,"sampleRate":96000,"index":1}]}

    As several home automation systems do not parse but can grab linear feedback it would be excellent if the "index" field could be placed at the beginning of the track and not at the end

    {"status":200,"currentIndex":0,"size":2,"subtitles":[{"index":0,"title":"English Dolby TrueHD 6ch 48.0KHz","laungaue":"eng","isClose":false,"mime":"","channelCount":6,"sampleRate":48000},{"index":1,"title":"English PCM 2ch 96.0KHz","laungaue":"eng","isClose":false,"mime":"","channelCount":2,"sampleRate":96000}]}

    2. Could the rs-232 protocoll also have a command which would trigger the same thant the IP command "Key.PopMenu" ?

    Both of this would help for home automation systems integration of the RS-232/IP enabled Zidoo's such as X20 / x20pro

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