[Request] @Zidoo makes RTD1619 compatibile with Emby

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by Davicom, Sep 19, 2020.

  1. DaMacFunkin

    DaMacFunkin Active Member

    Hi, is the external Zidoo player set to play external subtitles (not emby)?
  2. gogo789

    gogo789 Active Member

    That's a good question I think the player has some compatibility issues because on plex it doesn't recognize even internal subtitles, when I use plex app and select zidoo external subtitle, whereas other player like mxplayer works really well with plex and see internal subtitles (not external because plex doesn't want to provide this feature, don't know why)
  3. gogo789

    gogo789 Active Member

    But with HT4 or ZBMC zidoo player reads external subtitles without issue.
  4. gogo789

    gogo789 Active Member

    Hi, does anyone has something new about the zidoo native player compatibility with emby ?
    I just tested with an all new emby server on my nas and the last android apk (not android tv) emby client intalled on zidoo.
    I tried to use the "Shared network folder" option when configuring emby library path on emby server side.
    I noticed that when the zidoo native player read a file selected in the file explorer app from an smb mount, the path of the video file is something like "/data/system/smb/" so I tried to setup the network share folder option of my emby library with "/data/system/smb/".
    Emby client app on zidoo find that the path "/data/system/smb/" is acessible so it switch in "network share folder path" mode to direct play the file. My issue is that the zidoo player isn't proposed to play the file. I also have vlc installed which is proposed by emby in "network share folder path" mode but vlc can't read the video and say to me he can't find the file "file:///data/system/smb/", maybe VLC has not the right to access /data/system/smb, I don't know.
    My question is the following, is that normal that zidoo native player isn't proposed to open "file://path/video.mkv" ? Is there a way to format the path to have the zidoo player proposed in the player choice by emby in direct path mode ?
    (I haven't used the Android TV Emby client because it never triggers the direct path mode, I don't know why)
    The point of all this is to manage to play video file from emby library with emby client app using the zidoo native player as external player with the support of external subtitle next to the video file.
    For the moment I use ZDMC with the emby extension but I really would like to use the emby client app because it's more simplier and I like the UI.
    Thank you for your help, fell free to ask question if i'm not clear :)
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  5. gogo789

    gogo789 Active Member

    Just updated to 6.2.0 but still no improvement for the native player compatibility with emby or jellyfin in direct path mode :( . Maybe someone could help me to figure out a solution using jellyfin or emby ?

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