release V1.0.11 firmware for ZIDOO X5

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X5' started by spring, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. spring

    spring Guest

    Hi all:
    now we release new firmware V1.0.11.
    change list:
    1: add ZDMC(base on koid 16.1), improvement the passthrough of zdmc, support DTS HD, TRUE HD, etc.
    2: improvement the NTP service, get time more faster from the network.
    3: upgrade google play store, use the new version.
    4:Optimized memory management

    download link:
    amazon mirror:

    How to upgrade:

    this version support one key root, link:

    ZDMC download link:
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  2. user59

    user59 Member

    Looking good

    A graphical error only ;)
    When ZDMC loads showing 15.2 system is saying 16.1
    Not a big deal
  3. spring

    spring Guest

    maybe you install the official kodi, and the keystore is different of our keystore, so it will install fail.
    you can install the ZDMC directly, if install fail, pls uninstall the kodi first.
  4. valentin_nils

    valentin_nils New Member

    very smooth operation. Weather app fails to obtain data
  5. spring

    spring Guest

    we will fix this problem next version.
  6. spring

    spring Guest

  7. valentin_nils

    valentin_nils New Member

    Thanks. how to I install the new the weather apk or uninstall old one ?
    I am able to unrar the file but have to remove old weather as it wont allow to install new version.
  8. aderbale70

    aderbale70 New Member

    Hi spring,

    sometimes the weather fails to obtain data on official Kodi version too (16.1 RC1) it's not a problem of ZDMC.

    But the PVR IPTV Simple client is not working for me...actually I'm using official KODI releases but I wanna use the ZDMC instead XBMC due to heavy codes there a way to make PVR Simple Client working?

  9. spring

    spring Guest

    ok, we will test it.
  10. clement

    clement New Member

    Thanks for this upgrade , i will test it this evening !
  11. vangelis

    vangelis New Member

    I didn't upgrade yet to the new version, which I'll do in the near future,
    when I play a radio apk (e.g. spotify or radiotunes) and I choose other source in my tv (e.g. satellite decoder or else) the radio stops playing.
    can you test it plz and provide me a solution?
    is it solved in the latest upgrade?
    PS. I forgot to say that my x5 is connected through optical to my home cinema system and hdmi to my tv of course.
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  12. antonius93

    antonius93 New Member

    Hi guys. I bought the zidoox5 few days . Except for the wifi which I find a little unstable are quite satisfied . I upgraded to the latest available firmware . But I have a problem . I have a SONY BRAVIA LCD TV and when I connect it to this zidoo tv often have disorders in color . Whit other TV I dont have this problem . I read in the forum that it happens the same with the zidoo x6 with Sony and Philips tv and that an update has been released that fixes the problem . Is there any solution for the zidoox5 ? Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English .
  13. Alex Neme

    Alex Neme New Member

    I have the same problem of antonius93 but I have a Philips TV , you have solved the same problem on X6, you can also do it with the x5 please.
    Best Regards
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  14. xCape

    xCape New Member

    I have a Philips PFL series with ambilight. No issues at all in HDMI
  15. clement

    clement New Member

    After watching 2-3 movies and 5-6 series's episod , i have frequently a freez and crash of zdmc .

    other have this problem ?
  16. Razvan

    Razvan New Member

  17. bovirus

    bovirus Member Beta test group

  18. Pietro

    Pietro New Member

    when you'll give us a new firmware?
  19. jerrywireless

    jerrywireless New Member

    Hello, I'm a new user zidoo, thanks to the new firmware!
    I have a zidoo x5, it works great with Netflix app, but it does not work with one of the most widely used app of the Italian TV: INFINITY (RTI SpA)
    Do you believe that with future updates may solve this incompatibility?
  20. MATTMB

    MATTMB New Member

    Hi, i set automatic refresh rate on ZDMC, but when i watch a 24 fps movie, my tv remains at 60p, how can i fix this?

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