Quick reference for first time KODI users.

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    Starting KODI for the first time:

    TIP from @PacoRabanne:
    When you first start KODI (ZDMC), always wait a couple of minute (more is better) to give KODI time to download initial minimal updates and solve first dependencies.

    • SettingsAppearance/Settings level/Advanced - Get advanced settings.
    • Settings/Appearance/International - Set your REGION. (I use UK(24h) gives 24H00 and Celcius)
    • Video/Acceleration - Un-tick "Allow hardware acceleration - MediaCodec (Surface)"
    • Weather/General - Enable/Install "OpenWeatherMap Extended" and choose your Location from "Settings"
    Addons/Install from repository:
    • Web interface - "Arch" - Give you access to the system from a Web Browser and this one is better.
    • Video add-ons - "Youtube" - Remember to authenticate.
    • Subtitles - "Opensubtitles.org" - Give you the best subtitles for foreign and hard of hearing support.
    • Services - "XBMC Check Previous Episode" - This one give you a popup to go to the first UNWATCHED TV show when you start an episode.
    • Services - "Watchdog" - This will update your library if a change is seen.
    • Services - "Unpause Jumpback" - This will jump back 10 seconds when paused for more than 10 seconds. Remember to set the "jumpback" value to 10 seconds...
    • Services - "Nextup Service Notification" - This will give you a netflix style button you can press to watch the next episode.
    Other Addons:
    • Program add-ons/Trakt - This will give your library access to TRAKT.
    • Music add-ons/Radio - Access to some nice radio-stations. You can also define your own streams.
    You can share/sync your library between more devices by adding a smb and mysql server into your setup. Refer to the KODI WiKi (http://kodi.wiki/view/Main_Page) for more info.

    This is one of the most useful sites if you need to get custom settings into KODI. Refer to site for more info.

    In my environment I have the following advancedsettings.xml in place:
    NOTE: The following file is purely an EXAMPLE to show users what the file could look like. Do not use the file AS IS. It will break your environment.







    <cputempcommand>echo "$(busybox sed -e 's/current cpu_temp://' /sys/rockchip_thermal/temp) C"</cputempcommand>

    So, as you can see the settings can be quite a handful, but it will help and make your life easy to read and understand how it works.
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  2. PacoRabanne

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    cyber7, please add on top of your procedure, to always wait some minute (more is better) on VERY FIRST Kodi launch, to give it time enough to download initial minimal updates and solve first dependencies.
    I don't really know why, but skipping doing this may generate a lot of troubles next time.
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  3. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    how about the Allow hardware acceleration - MediaCodec ( the one with no surface ) . is that ok to use ?
  4. Xoxi Xiola

    Xoxi Xiola Member

    Only delay settings are needed. All others are not neccesary. Also I see no reason to store library in mysql server. The only reason would be really huge movie/music database. And you need to have external mysql database running on PC to get kodi working.
  5. PacoRabanne

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    Is your opinion. Is not "the truth".
    Please be kind with other users.
    cyber7 has different needs, and is skilled enough to configure in a different way.
    His file is an (too) advanced example.
    The tipical user should not use his example "as is".

    Mine is very much simpler, short FF and BW steps and increased video buffers.
    No delay, maybe I don't have or don't perceive this problem (tomorrow I'll try to add delay, may be better, who knows?)
    Anyway, each of us MUST throughly read Kodi wiki relevant page and understand himself if there is something useful to apply in his situation.

    Don't you agree?
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  6. Xoxi Xiola

    Xoxi Xiola Member

    Ok. Agree. But for beginners, file posted above will break kodi (nobody has mysql server running). Every user should only add delay settings, due to bugs in zidoo's rom for x6
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  7. cyber7

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    I have added a note not to use the file as is, but that it is an example of what the file could look like. Thank you pointing this out, as I sometimes forget that I speak "nerd" ;)

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