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    EDIT : Solved my own problems. It was because v16 didn't have it. Updated to 17.1 in the x9S forum and it now has Chorus 2 web interface.

    I have moved from a Windows 10 NUC PC with Kodi 18 64bit to the X8 Zidoo. The reason I did this is because I needed the money, so downsized unit. I used to use the Web Interface. Since just using it now with the X8 it seems very basic, is this just because it is based on Kodi 16 and not 18 ? Or maybe because it is Android and not Windows 10 ? Or something else ? It used to have a really nice webpage interface. I think it might have been Chorus 2 or something.

    If I upgraded to Kodi v18 on the Zidoo does this cause any problems ? As it changes it from ZDMC to normal Kodi. It seems to be on 16.1 right now, but it seems to play everything great, more than my NUC did. I would just like the new web interface really.

    Finally, is there any way to web control the Zidoo Media Player ? I like it. But would love to control via the web so I can play BD ISO's and so on with easy to select screen options using mouse.
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